20 things i’ve realised before turning 20…


In a few short weeks it will happen, I will finally enter the realm of being 20. And it sounds rubbish, but I don’t want to be a pessimist so here are 20 life lessons, I’ve learnt before the big 2 0….

  1. It is tacky to bring lambrini to a party..
  2. Its not tacky to bring a box of wine/1 litre bottle of wine.
  3. As soon as you start to grow up, people will just round up your age (e.g I’ve been ’20’ for the last 3 months now). People just do not care to remember birthdays. 
  4. You only need a watch if you’re phones broken and you need to know the time. 
  5. Bath stuff is an ‘easy way out’ present.
  6. You’ll never learn that Tequila is a bad idea. Until its too late. 
  7. It’s not worth trying to make friends with someone who never seems to find the time for you. 
  8. You will always forget to defrost the chicken in fridge until just before you needed it. 
  9. The only way to get rid of a hangover is sleep and being naive and pretending you don’t get them. 
  10. You can promise every year to go christmas present shopping early (june) but you will still be buying presents on the 23rd of December. 
  11. You’ll realise the days of having a bed time were pure luxury (oh solid eight hours I miss you).
  12. But also just because you might be an adult, it doesn’t mean you have to avoid naps or put human clothes on on a sunday.
  13. When you say ‘I’ll got to the gym in an hour’ that hour will never come. Ever. 
  14. There is no not awkward way to leave a conversation with someone you don’t really know. 
  15. Christmas pajamas can make a comeback in spring, summer and autumn. Its called being poor savvy.
  16. When in doubt over somebody’s name, don’t risk it and call them by the name you think it is. It’s just not worth it.
  17. It’s just natural to look at your bank statement with fear. 
  18. The older you get the morw you complain about the weather and buses.
  19. If you ever move to a different country never forget the beauty of being able to buy affordale cheddar. 
  20. As much as you try and go for a ‘nice’ breakfast of muesli, Nutella will always win. Always.

Love Robyn! 

P.s blogs of the week will be up for tomorrow! 

26 thoughts on “20 things i’ve realised before turning 20…”

  1. I love number seven. May I tag something onto it? You can leave just because you want or need to – you don’t need to leave in anger (because you think the ending is easier to explain to others or easier to accomplish without guilt if anger is present) and you don’t need to have a list of reasons to leave (to justify to yourself, them and everyone everywhere). You can leave freely any time. We are free. Sometimes we forget that.

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  2. Number 6 is so true. So true. That can apply to a number of beverages…insert their names as each person sees fit. Number 8 happened exactly twenty-four hours ago…


  3. 7. So true. I’ve been avoiding people like that for ages.
    16. Whenever I guess, I always get it wrong. I go with the most recent name I heard or talked to.
    3. I just round up my daughter’s age. She is only 11, but I already call her a teenager because she is so tall. And acts like one.
    12. You are never too old for naps. Especially short ones.
    Congrats on being 20 almost!


  4. Very prescient of you. Number 6 haunts me to this day. As an old fogey in my 30’s, let me help with 14. In my line of work, I have to have many conversations with strangers and virtual strangers. Leaving a conversation gracefully is a skill you develop with practice. It often involves social situations, so the best course of action is to pawn the stranger off on another person, “Hey, have you met my friend Garret?” (I assume all Millennials have at least one friend named Garret or Kayden or Madison or Haley.) Or, you can just make the end of the conversation apparent, and if that stranger isn’t a socially inept creep, you should be able to find the natural end to a conversation and say without awkwardness, “All right, good talking to you, good luck with the thing–OR–I’ll see you later, Olivia.” (That’s another name of a person that anyone born after 1990 or before 1955 most certainly knows a person with that name.)
    My 20’s were fun, defining and tumultuous for me. But, I didn’t know who I was, late bloomer and all. You seem better equipped to enjoy this pending decade. Happy Birthday, stranger. (See? Simple dismount!)


    1. That was a beautiful Segway into leaving the conversation, i like it, so simple so charming! I have been really premature with this post theres at least 7 weeks but i couldn’t think of a post!
      Btw i’ve never met anyone called Garret

      P.s. Whats a Millennial?


  5. Ah, to be 20 again. I wish you a wonderful birthday.

    #19 – If you ever move to a different country never forget the beauty of being able to buy affordale cheddar.

    Love it! I live in a different country now and I DO buy affordable cheddar.

    One more thing, #21, don’t ever ask a woman “when are you due” unless you are positive she’s pregnant. LOL!

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  6. Right. 1) It seems to be getting tacky also, to bring prosecco to a party! 3) I am old enough to be unable to remember being 20! You lucky thing! But don’t worry, once you’re past the last ‘big’ birthday (at 21) the years then go up in fives and not ones. At least I think they do. 6) and 8) go together. If you forget to take the turkey out of the freezer on Christmas Eve, just add as much tequila (or any other spirit come to that) to the situation as is needed, until said turkey is defrosted. You usually get Christmas off, so just record all the TV and start Christmas ASAP after turkey is defrosted and cooked. 15) I don’t wear pyjamas, but had to wear my Christmas jumper in March of this year. The looks I got were shocking. 19) What’s ‘affordable’ cheddar? Anyway, must go. I’ve got to wait for a bus. In the rain.


    1. I’ve heard so much about the after 21 years and how it generally goes down hill very fast from there 😂😂😂 and affordable cheddar is cheddar from Jack Fultons! Ahah well in general Cheddar is very expensive in Deutschland!

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