Need some help using these ‘golden three’ for blogging? 


I guess we all have different ideas to what successful blogging is, to some of us it’s just getting a post out every week, to  others, it’s world-blog-domination. Which,thanks to bloggers like Zoella and youtube sensations like PewDiePie (?) it’s quite easy to see why running a blog is becoming more and more of an occupation for people, which is great but you also have to know about ‘utilising’ other platforms in order to ram your blog and your wonderfullness/funniness down peoples throats…. 

So here are my views on the big 3, which are gunna get you noticed: Google+, Facebook and Instagram. 


I think Google+ is the sneakiest of the three, if you’re able to get to grips with the ideas of communities than its pretty easy too. Easy because, it works pretty similiar to Facebook, you post a link into a  ‘community’, with a witty slogan and you’re pretty much good to go. Be sure to join a few communities which are relevant to your blog e.g fishing communities if you blog about fishsing, and also a few general ‘bloggy’ communities e.g ‘blogging boost’ or ‘New bloggers’, because often its the best way to kind of meet ‘like minded’ bloggy people

Facebook (and creating your own Facebook page):

Facebook, is basically all around us, We know if it’s snowing without even having to look out of the window, thanks to it. But I think Facebook is not always the ‘Be all and End all’ of blog advertising. When I first started my blog, I was tirelessy sharing my stuff, not thinking that most people were probably getting pretty tired of it too. So be clever with what you share, think about who you’re friends are and what they WANT to read, rather than updating them constantly. 

Another part of Facebook, which a lot of bloggers use, is the bit where you can make a page for your blog. From what I’ve heard, Facebook is rather sneaky with its algorithms,  and it does sometimes prevent your content reaching the largest audience it could, often repeating the same links to the same people rather than just sharing it to everybody (the idea is that Facebook has so many people, and if it let everybody share everything to everyone, the whole place would be more chaotic than it is now). So don’t worry if you’re page isn’t doing as well as it should.

If you are interested there a number of facebook groups on Facebook purely dedicated to blogging (e.g blogging boost) and blogging engagement and they often do weekly/daily blogging challenges and promo stuff (but be sure to adhere to the admin rules!) 


As a 19 year old female who loves to take pictures of food and to take Selfies, I’m basically Instagrams target demographic. But Insta is harder to crack than it looks (I still have a tiny following) but I think if you’re a dab hand with some technology and ideas you can make it work:

-A lot of the most succsessful Instas have ‘themes’ e.g everything in black and white or certain types of photos. To me, it’s way too scary thinking about deleting everything and starting again but it is a really good way to attract followers (I know because I always look for the prettiest Instagrams and follow them!).

-Quality and quantity, at Instagram, you can’t be putting up blurry pictures of trees and expect to do well. Sadly for the bad photographers among us (myself included), it’s time to buckle down and get artsy (oh and often). 

-Be kind. This I guess works for all social media, Instagram is much about give as it is take. Like peoples photos, follow other bloggers, comment on their pictures- don’t just get it into your head that online success is a purely one sided thing- you want people to engage with your things and other people want the same…
So I feel like I’ve  talked your ear off but I really hope this helps!

Love Robyn! 

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  1. Wait, Google+ still exists!?! Aww, good for them hanging in there. Oh no, what have I done? I dared to question my and thy overlord, the all-powerful and infallible Google! Please, I beg your forgiveness Lord Google! Please, don’t…Aaaaaaahhhhhh…….

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