I bet you’re wondering what today’s pug-picture has to do with todays post……


I most definitely am following through with this blog post even though I have no idea where it will take me because I guess that is the beauty of what pugs dressed as Honey Boo Boo can do. (And omg I can’t believe I’m wasting this picture on this blog post and not saving it for my new blog feature! THINK ROBYN THINK).

Well I guess nows the right time to explain how I could possibly come across this harrowing picture (I mean really the poor pug)…

Well I realised earlier on as I was broken heartedly uploading a picture to Instagram (a picture of somewhere hot and blue opposed to grey and well grey) that I usually always chuck in a cheeky “#blog#blogger” on the end.

But that’s when it hit me.

I’m okay when it comes to being #blogging in general, but when it comes to the tedious sub-divisions, you know the “Beautybloggers”, the “Foodbloggers” and not to mention those lucky beggars, the “Travelbloggers”, my little blog just doesn’t seem to find its own hashtag.

No but really, I do feel like being a whatever the hell kind of blogger I am, does kind of leave me a bit in the lurch. I mean a whatever the hell kind of blogger has no where near the amount of allure (somebody watched Miranda at the weekend) or fabulousness of FashionBloggers (I mean have you seen their Instagrams?!) or has no where near the amount of discipline to do press ups everyday and then post a “postworkoutselfie” like the ‘fitfam’ among us.

I mean wheres the category for “can ramble on quite well for a good hundred or so words and might possibly make you maybe think about smiling”?! Wheres that?! I know its not as catchy as #BBlogger but we DESERVE something!

Love Robyn.

p.s. sorry Lifestyle bloggers for leaving you out, but i mean, what is a “flat lay” really? I

16 thoughts on “I bet you’re wondering what today’s pug-picture has to do with todays post……”

  1. I couldn’t care less what that photo has to do with today’s post – I’m just glad it’s there because it’s the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while. That dog is infinitely cuter than that freaky gross Honey Boo Boo family.


  2. Oh my goodness-I was literally having your exact thoughts the other day, as I was begrudgingly updating my instagram for my blog (it is in a sad state, with like 20 followers). There are like, very little categories I fall under. I would LOVE to be a true #travelblogger, but I think you have to travel out of your city for that. I am also not part of the huge cool-person-club that is #foodblogger. So, where does that leave me?? I would consider you a humor blogger. That is what I hashtag, and there is like NOTHING under that hashtag!! Let’s be the firsts, the bests!! You could also follow me on Instagram… That would make my following a little more cool- fattymccupcakes_blog.

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  3. I know, right!?! There should be a category for those like us. Maybe “High Concept Bloggers” or “Attempted Humor Blogger”. A category that will draw in the like-minded. Maybe I’ll just lie. Maybe I’ll use pictures of me dressed in weird outfits and try to pass myself off as a fashion blogger while still writing about my nonsense ideas.

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  4. As you always, well nearly always, have a picture of a pug, couldn’t you be classed as a Pug-Blogger? That must be a thing, surely? Just had a thought. Do pugs like Jaffa Cakes? Oh no reason, just popped into my head.


  5. I like your articles. They are very lively and interesting, and filled with happiness and your true feelings.

    This one in particular grabbed my attention. I have had dogs since I was seven years old. Well, for most of the time. I was in the Forces, so it wasn’t always practical. I’ve never had a pug though.

    But I have a friend in Roy, Utah, who has three. She is an author, and she wrote a anthology of three humorous stories called “Dog Tails,” one for each of her lovely pups.

    Take a look at my review.

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