We can’t escape it for much longer…

We can’t.

We just can’t.

Soon it will just happen and we’ll all just fall victim to it. Theres no point putting up a fight,

You’ll find yourself sitting there, red faced, covered in gravy, wearing a pink hat from a Christmas cracker before you know it (well whats new there?).

Yes. I said it. The C word. And Halloween hasn’t even been yet.

Christmas. ARGHHHHH:

I’m already scared, I’m already feeling the intense crazy pressure that a whole year is nearly over and done with! Again! Because as lovely as christmas is, we all know it means one thing- you definitely did not put that year long gym membership to good use, saved any money or stopped smoking. Sorry New Years Resolutions, maybe next year.

We can all try and say we’re okay with the fact that 12 months have hurtled by so fast that we’re pretty sure that they’ve gotten motion sickness but thats just the sherry/Baileys that starts cropping up this time of year talking.

But there is just no escaping it. Here in Germany, I can’t walk into Aldi without coming face to raisin with Christmas stollen, weird looking things with Marzipan and Glühwein (Mulled wine) and it’s not just that…. the idea of dealing with crazy christmas shoppers is fast encroaching (at least online shopping has weakened the load…somewhat) but I’m just not prepared to fight over pair of fluffy reindeer slippers in a ram-packed Primark…well not again at least.

At least I can hide from the true barage of Christmas- Channel 5’s christmas films (that they start showing mid August).


(see! Christmas makes people crazy!)

Happy Sunday everyone!

p.s. thanks for everybody’s responses about the new blog feature, I’ll be introducing it sometime soon, so if you could spread the word around the blog-esphere, I would be rather grateful.

11 thoughts on “We can’t escape it for much longer…”

  1. Ha! We try to be reborn every year, snubbing off rest of past life as nonsense and begin it afresh. I remember sticking a resolution sticker on my dashboard every year, and then looking for reasons why it won’t be possible. Like Napolean’s commandments in Orwell’s Animal Farm.


      1. It is doing well! lol
        What are you 19?
        This makes me feel very old – you’re a mature adult and I’ve been working longer than you’ve been alive. Makes me shudder how young you are lol


  2. Christmas starts earlier and earlier here in the States with each year that passes. You mention the Christmas themed movies in August. We’re not far off and have an odd love doing all sorts of sales promotions for “Christmas In July.” One oddity though is with regards to when Christmas ends for folks. Some people take their decorations down much sooner than others…some stop playing Christmas music the day after while others listen to it through New Year’s Day. We not only can’t agree when it starts but are equally divided when it ends!

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    1. The end of christmas is probably the most depressing thing of the year and therefore I like to leave all un-christmasing down to my mum, which means one day I come home and christmas has just disappeared (usually around the 2nd)


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