WordPress, we need to have words….(ooh and new blog feature idea!)


So yesterday I got all sat down with a cup of tea and my thinking glasses on (actually they’re just my noirmal ones, which means I tend to not do a lot of thinking in them) and I wrote a cracking blog post. Or so I thought I did. For some reason when I clicked “publish” WordPress seemed to think that meant “delete this whole load of rubbish-nobody wants to read it anyway”, thanks WordPress, you Arsch.

So I’m not entirely sure if I’M really in the right mind frame to rewrite 700 words all over again, seeing as WordPress seems to have some kind of problem with me (just say it to my face WP!). Oh and it’s also why theres a picture of a pug with loads of book (not that I ever worry about putting pictures of pugs on the blog).

Anyway now that WP has had a good telling off, we can move on to the next part of today blogging agenda. I have had an idea about starting a new blogging feature, a bit like my old comment on, but instead of using comments I use peoples blog posts….

so how it would work is that I would give you 5 categories e.g “funniest”; “Heart wrenching” etc and you guys would then have to paste a link to one of your own blog posts and to which category you’re  applying to (or none if you don’t want to) and then I have a nosey through and then I share my favourites in a new blog post.

Obviously it would only work if people really wanted to do it and submitted entries,so let me know if you’s be interested in it.

Okay WordPress, you have one more chance now but if it happens again, you are officially not my best friend any more. 

love Robyn!

23 thoughts on “WordPress, we need to have words….(ooh and new blog feature idea!)”

  1. Hi Robyn,

    I’ve had some weird things happen, like if I start a post and save it and work on it over days or weeks, when I post it it posts on the date at I started it, not the ‘publish immediatey’ that it says – so no one will see it. I get around this by copying and pasting the blog into a fresh post, but it’s not the point.
    Also, the orange dot has gone from the notifications button. So I don’t know what they’re up to!

    Anyway – you new feature – I will contribute for sure 🙂


  2. It drives me crazy that WP doesn’t auto-save as you type, let alone randomly flushes away full fledged posts. BUT OTHERWISE I AM SUPER HAPPY DEAR OVERLORD WORDPRESS (please don’t murder my blog or my family).
    I would absolutely participate if for no other reason than to find new great blogs that share my sensibilities.

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  3. I think it’s a great idea! Might actually get more than a few people read some of my old twaddle for a change. So I’m in for sure. When I started on here, I used to write all my stuff on a word document first, before cutting and pasting it onto WP. Of course the scissors were sharp and I would end up with paste all over my PC screen. Or rather, I just became lazy and took to writing the stuff straight on here, so I’m bound to lose something soon! I still get an orange dot on my notifications! I have a black one too, but as that seems to follow one of my eyes around, is probably just a blind spot. Although it is very small, so I can’t blame WP for that. Yet.


  4. The idea for link suggestions sounds cool. I also have a not-so-novel-but-I’ll-write-it-anyway idea for “beating WordPress” if the goal is to not lose your copy-in-progress. I will often write my post copy in Word and save it as a document regardless if I need to step away for awhile or not. Then…when I have the copy good-to-go I will cut and paste it into WP, add in pictures, etc. and publish. And if some mysterious event takes place in transition where WP “rejects” my efforts to use it I at least still have all my post copy in the Word document to take another run at it. I got “WP’d” once by writing a long post only to have it disappear…draft and all…just…gone.


  5. My WP does that same delete everything too! And I get so mad! Not really mad, but like wow, forget that post then!
    What a great idea for your new blog feature post. How fun!!


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