The city that apparently has more canals and bridges than Venice…

Hey, so  I was a little MIA (I basically have no idea what that actually stands for btw)  this weekend because I was in the beautiful city of Amsterdam! Now that I don’t live in England which is surrounded by shit tons of water, I can actually just hop on a train and merry on over to the Netherlands, wunderbar!

FSCN0607 FSCN0608

P:S: i would just like to say that the coat is actually my boyfriend’s hence why I’ve got this whole michelin man thing going on.

Apart from being incredibly beautiful, Amsterdam in October is also incredibly freeeeeeezing especially when you’re sailing around on a canal boat (I know- hard life huh?).


Amsterdam has to be one of my favourite capital cities (sorry London you just don’t cut the mustard) because it’s just so unbelievably weird. There are these completely normal shops where you can buy beautiful jewelry or even vintage clothes and then  right next door there are all these  weed/sex shops and everbody just walks around like its the most normal thing in the world (except for these random tourists shouting about magic mushrooms). Not to mention that the Dutch are probably the friendliest people in the world, even when you get in their way when they’re cycling (in Germany, you would definitley be called an Arsch for that ).


However as wonderful as the Dutch are, Gouda, will never quite be as good as cheddar (although they do know a thing or 2 about waffles smothered in nutella and chips and mayo) and because Amsterdam is a capital city expect queues, pricey entrance fees (although there are lots of deals) and even more expensive food (bring some Jaffa cakes to munch on in between bridges).


Love Robyn 

24 thoughts on “The city that apparently has more canals and bridges than Venice…”

  1. I think it’s Missing In Action 🙂
    what’s an Arsch?
    You girls always love wearing your guy’s coats and leaving them to freeze lol Poor guy – did you give him Jaffa Cakes to keep him going?


  2. Blasphemy! A smoked Gouda blows any cheddar out of the canal. But I guess that’s why we’re all individuals with our own unique tastebuds. Hold on, there were combination weed and sex shops? That SHOULD be the most normal thing in the world! I must visit this paradise.

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  3. You can be forgiven for being “missing in action” if you’re found in Amsterdam. One of my favorite cities-at-a-distance I have never visited but would like to someday. I love all the options the city provides…certainly sounds like there is something for everyone. I would enjoy those canals (even in the cool weather) as well…even if I had my Michelin man coat on!

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  4. In America, Amsterdam gets a lot of bluster about its red light districts and relaxed attitude toward drugs. But it is a beautiful city with warm people. Your photos truly helped to capture that.

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  5. I’m a bit scared of going up that vertical canal! You seem to be OK on that vertical bench though. Been there, done that. Have you been to the Jordaan? (you either know it, or you don’t) Classy area these days. Anyway, as no-one else mentioned it. Haven’t you noticed that Amsterdam is full of ‘shit tons’ of water too? They call it the ‘Venice’ of the North, or something like that. Also, being half-Dutch, must shout out for Stroopwafels, as being greater than> or =equal to Jaffa Cakes! They are Heerlijk (delicious). Also Vla (Dutch custard) is way better than British custard. I remember, at the age of two, being fed chocolate vla (pronounced ‘flaar’) by my aunts and uncles. I cannot get it over here, but love it more than most other foods I have ever tried! It also comes in vanilla & yellow (custard?) flavours. If you haven’t tried it, you simply haven’t lived. You look so different than your little round avatar picture thingy, btw.

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    1. I’ve heard about the secrets of Dutch custardy treats and was on look out the whole time but only managed to get my hands on a chocolate eclair stuffed with custard, is that the same? my boyfriend loves Stroopwafels, we get hem here in Germany too but I’m not that keen! I forgot you were half Dutch!

      lol new hair, I guess

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      1. No I think you either make the stuff, like British custard, or what my aunt used to do was buy Vla in litre cartons. When I was two, I remember that it used to come in glass bottles, just like our milk bottles used to look. But that was a very, very, very long time ago! I think we still lived in black n’ white then!


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