12 things that ‘come as a complete suprise to you’ in autumn…


I really have to work on much catchier titles if I want search engines to be my friend… A few weeks ago as part of a blogger challenge I wrote about all the wonderful things that Autumn, or ‘Fall’ if you’re from across the pond. Hooooowever in retrospect as lovely as Autumn is, it really does have a few little surprises up it’s sleeve…

1) The Halloween weight gain- Just because you’re no longer at an age where its acceptable to go trick or treating, it doesn’t mean you can’t eat your body weight in fun size snickers.

2) Going outside wearing a jacket which was perfectly adequate a mere few weeks ago, but now you feel like you’re an Artic trekker.

3) Leaf sludge- you know that horrible rainy leaf sludge, that you accidentally step in and ruin new shoes.

4) Learning from mistake number 2 and heading outside on a morning wearing a sleeping bag, but by the time you’re on the bus, you  have serious moustache sweat. Serious. 

5) Never quite managing to pull of that whole cool lumberjack shirt look.

6) Warm alcoholic beverages might seem like a good idea, but a mulled cider (95% rum) hangover will stay with you still christmas.

7) Standing underneath a conker tree and getting smashed on the head by one of the little buggars. 

8) The impending doom of christmas (and christmas shopping) starts, there are festive decorations in the shops and you can even buy Stollen for gods sake! 

9) Even though you might be able to pre fatten yourself for christmas with christmas food, theres absolutely no good christmas telly on yet. 

10) Every morning its darker and darker and even though you had to do that weird clock changing thing it really has not helped with managing to get out of a onesie at 7 int’ morning.


12) Cold, dark evenings make even going to the pub a difficult experience. Sigh.

Love Robyn! 

16 thoughts on “12 things that ‘come as a complete suprise to you’ in autumn…”

  1. I wish I experienced all this… but 😦

    Anyway… nicely observed and written…and I am pretty sure I don’t know more than half of it that what the heck you were talking abt…. haha…. But still… nicely written!


  2. You buy candy to give out to Trick Or Treaters each year saying to your significant other…”this is all for the kids. We don’t need any of this. Just buy what they’d like. We’re having none of it.” Then you’re confronted with shelf after shelf of every confectionery ever made. And it becomes…”well, maybe I’ll just buy this one brand for myself so you should get one also, that’s only fair…or two.” And on November 1st you are both five pounds heavier and wheel-barrowing the balance to friends and co-workers…because that’s the “nice thing to do.”


  3. My son usually gets the untouched ‘trick or treat’ sweets. We have less kids about now, so he gets more! We have a little surprise in store for HIM this year… No.3. Leaf Sludge. Don’t talk to me about leaf sludge. I never wanted to be a ballerina, but I stood in some of the aforementioned sludge once and a smidgeon of a second later, I sat in it. Not however, before my left leg decided to part company from my right, my first ever splits were attempted (without my knowledge or willing) and I sang like a soprano for five days, albeit with very bruised thighs!


  4. A) no you didn’t B) Oh, just that we’re going to be getting a lot less sweets & things this year and C) Yes it was and sorry for the gory details! I’m sure it wouldn’t be too much info either, if I told you that my knee actually bent further than it is meant to and hasn’t been the same since!


  5. Talking about blog titles for search engines. I was going to put one: “12 signs you may be stealing ideas from your fellow bloggers”, and then write something completely different under it. But thought better of it at the last moment! 😉


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