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7 ways to avoid blogger ‘cheese’


You know that horrible moment when you think you’ve been really organised and prepared a blog post in advance only to realise, that you somehow forgot to save it and now all you have is a trusty picture of a pug in cheese hat? That. Right now.

Todays blog post is going to be about tackling the cheese, now WordPress hasn’t branched out into the dairy industry, I’m talking about good, old, cheesey blog posts which aren’t really that good. Although I do, probably, on a regular basis, maybe just ever so slightly get my cheese on, it doesn’t mean that I condone cheesing up your blog posts (be responsible kids) so I have decided to share some tips and tricks in order to avoid the dreaded cheddar takeover… 

P.s. I really fancy some cheese on toast now…

1) Don’t overuse the words ‘pop over’, ‘check it out’ or ‘guys’ although these might be simple, seemingly harmless phrases you might end up sounding more like the leader of a kids club. 

2) Remember to do you gurrrlll (That phrase is probably also one to avoid) try not to  start copying other peoples writing style, if its just way too hard to keep it up, because then your blog posts will sound a bit robotic.

3) Don’t forget that however big your follower size, your readers are still  single people (I don’t mean their marital status) and it’s probably best to talk to them as if they’re your only reader in the world (you deserve it 😉 ).

4) Don’t let success turn you into a big head, a little modesty never hurt anybody.

5) I think its tricky if your blogs a tips and lifestyle blog where your aim is kind of a bit to tell people what to do to not sound preachy, but ask yourself when you read through it ‘is this annoying?’ Or ‘do I sound like someones mum?’.

6) Keep it personal, don’t try and over generalise when you use anecdotes because it might  come across that you really can’t be arsed.

7) If you are working with a brand, or you want to work with a brand, try not to let it take over your blogs image because your readers stick around for your content and not to have advertisements shoved down their throats (you probably wouldn’t like it either). 

I hope these help you to avoid any dangerous cheesey territories, let me know if you have any of your own, 

Love Robyn.

24 thoughts on “7 ways to avoid blogger ‘cheese’”

  1. Enjoyed this very much and the advice is solid. I particularly liked your point #3 about writing as if the reader was your only, singular one…and not relative to their marital status! And it IS all about the content at the end of the day. I take a very “minimalist” approach to my blogging (no ads, stark design) because that’s just it…I want it to ALL be about the content and have the reader focus solely on what I wrote.

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  2. Did you knit that hat yourself Robyn? Edam it looks good! My latest blog isn’t so cheesy as bread-y, why don’t you guys pop over and check it out? No.3 is very apt to me, as my readers ARE mostly singular, I think anyway, as I still haven’t been picked up by the major search engines yet. I know I definitely haven’t been googled in a while, I would have felt it for sure! (Anyway, what are those dangerous looking growths on aforementioned knitted cheese? Has pug maybe caught knitted cheese disease)? I could just fancy a cheese dog right now. No Jaffa Cakes you see…ho hum.


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