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9 blast from the past blog posts….


Hello everybody, I hope you’re having a smashing ‘hump day’ (now that just sounds rude, I’m sorry). When I started this blog jn April, I never imagined that I would be able to create over 200 blog posts…I mean really how much shit can I really write about!? Turns out more than I thought, so in honour of bombarding the internet with drivel, I’ve decided to dig up some oldie but goodie blog posts…(and also it’s a little treat for my new readers who feel a bit daunted by trawling through 200 posts).

So grab a brew and read on….

  1. Don’t talk to me about ‘real women’
  2. Signs you might be a long distance daughter…
  3. 14 Things not to say to the owner of the house you’re viewing
  4. Signs you might not be as classy as you thought
  5. Don’t google ‘Autocorrect Fails’ if you have anywhere to be soon
  6. 9 things I have learnt about having a blog…
  7. 7 stages to going on a detox
  8. Topshops mannequin flops
  9. What these brands mottos should really say

Hope you enjoy them,

love Robyn!

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