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Is it okay if your blogs a little TMI?


Exploring WordPress is a lot like stumbling through Alice’s rabbit hole, its everything an aspiring/accomplished writer could want and more and its without the hecticness of Reddit (which is what I imagine, the first ever page of the internet to look like). You can share witty anecdotes, complain about the insanity of people like Donald Trump and even compare recipes on how to make Rhubarb fool. 

Its wunderbar, however We all know that the key to a happy, healthy functioning blog is to make everyone feel happy, healthy and functioning. Which I do try to do (you know I let you know about me not being very good at adulting, you laugh, we bond etc its beautiful) buttttttt does that mean that getting a lottle (started off as a typo but now I like it) up, close and personal with the WordPress elite? 

Sometimes I read peoples blog (mostly whilst enjoying a jaffa cake) and I think ‘wow’ because I really don’t know if I could tell people about the last time I shaved my legs, a brief history of my family and throwing in the odd awkward snippet about that time I farted at the dentist blah blah. 

And then I thought, is it because I’m English? Probably, we might be the kings and queens of dirty jokes over a packet of salty nuts (oo er) and pint but on the line for everybody to see? Oh mon Dieu! 

Haha but then i realised that I have a lot of people on facebook, who don’t seem to know when or when not to draw the line (posting about your dickhead ex boyfriend is too far!). 

Wait, I know what it must be- those bloody internet safety assemblies that tortured me every few weeks from the age of 11-16. Harrowing,

Love Robyn! 

6 thoughts on “Is it okay if your blogs a little TMI?”

  1. Jaffa-cake spit-take, what an idea and a waste. TMI! I got that one. Like ICYMI & all the others IMNMGATAT! Or rather, I’m not much good at these abbreviation thingies! Definitely agree with you on the whole TMI point though. (Oh look at him go! Just worked out what it means and now there’s no stopping him)! Yeah we don’t need to know what everyone’s most intimate details are. I thought that earlier while scrubbing (CENSORED) off the back of my (CENSORED). That’s a very big buttttttt you’ve got up there BTW. TTFN!


  2. I like my rhubarb but I like it better mixed with fresh strawberries in a simple syrup. Makes a lovely pie, or in the absence of crust, a lovely fool if there can be such a thing. Hidden in the back of my bunker is a well-weathered set of my mums recipes. Oh. Wait, what? We weren’t comparing recipes? I’ve read poorly weathered blogs from big asses too. And from what I hear about it, I’m exceedingly grateful I don’t have a fakebook account. Anyone airing dirty laundry on there should have a one month ban. But on a blog, I have an un-follow option if you and your TMI and your SO and your IDGAF and your ABCDEFG offend me. And so does everyone else. Hope your day and your next fool are lovely.

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