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The ‘sweater weather’ tag challenge…r


My need for a pug is growing every day, just looooook at this guy!

So you may have noticed that i never really do blogger awards/competitions/idk  but lots of lovely people have been kind enough to involve me in all kind of crazy things so I thought on this lazy (it should not be lazy, I have serious packing to do) sunday morning i would try the ‘Sweater weather’ tag (in England we call it a jumper but i guess that doesnt have the same ring to it) and I was nominated by the very sweet

(Oh by the way this tag is all about autumn, which is basically the best season ever oh and there should be 20 questions but I just picked my favourite ones)

1. What is your favourite candle flavour? I guess this means to smell? Erm anything except cinnamon because that just makes me barf.

2. Coffee, tea or hot chocolate?
 Because I’m basically a child, it has to be hot chocolate with marshmallows AND cream.

3. What is the best Autumn memory you have? Erm, always, always being late to school to pick up conkers (the wordt memory is probably getting hit right in the knuckles playing conkers)

4. Which fall trend do you prefer
dark lips or winged eyeliner? I like a winged eyeliner but for a person with glasses its just way too much effort.

5. What is your favourite autumn food?  Stew and dumplings/ German onion tart.

6. What is the Autumn weather like where you live? In Germany its quite chilly but actually quite sunny and it means getting really pissed at Oktoberfest. In England its rainy.

7. Football games or jumping into leaf piles? Well I am quite partial to a leaf jump.

8. Is pumpkin spice worth the hype? I dont really know what that is? Coffee and pumpkin dont sound like a matchmade in heaven to me.

9. What is your favourite fall premiering show? The Mindy Project *looks wistfully*.

10. Halloween, yay or nay? Basically I take any kind of fancy dress parties very seriously( yeah, I’m that person) so yes, I kind of love halloween.

11. Autumn mornings or Autumn evening?
 Well usually on a morning my eyes are like tiny dots on my face and I cant really see anything, so i prefer Autum evenings.

12. What do you think about Black Friday?
You Americans are funny.
13. Favourite Autumn trend: Wearing pyjamas all day on sunday and not having to get out of bed because its rainy outside?

14. Your favourite pie? Now this is my kind of question, erm, all of them, all of the pies.

Now its these guys turn:

Happy sunday everybody! Love Robyn.

14 thoughts on “The ‘sweater weather’ tag challenge…r”

    1. Conkers is game you play where you put conkers in the oven, get your dad to drill a hole through them and then put a piece of string through them, then you hit the conkers against other conkers until they break.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Loved your post! Also thought I would help with the “like” problem. Happened to mine too… Go to your app and click on WP Admin then go edit your post like you would but through the website and then scroll to the very bottom and that’s where you can click the option to have likes. Hope that works for you:)


  2. This is so funny. I’m half British so I totally get how confusing terms are, how you aren’t familiar with pumpkin spice and the Americans on here are like “what the heck are conkers?” Lol. I especially love your comment about Black Friday.

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      1. Yep, nothing is more fun that conking a sibling that gets too big for her/his britches, lol. It’s all in the name of the game. However, pumpkin spice isn’t as bad as it sounds. It’s an acquired taste, lol.


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