14 reasons why Mindy should be everybodys spirit animal…

Okay, I know I told you that Jess from New Girl should be your spirit animal in this post here (its true, you should deffo go read that)  and even Tina Fey, well now theres a new girl on the block, well actually she’s been here for quite a while but basicallym  I am in LOVE with Mindy from The Mindy Project and heres why…..

1) SHe has very relaxed views on going to the gym. And we appreciate that.


2) She basically loves herself.


3) Even though she might have loads of problems in her everyday life she doesn’t let it bother her.


4) She doesn’t stand for fuckboys.


5) She is honest about her wine consumption and the fact that she hates other people basically.


6)  her love life is probably as fucked up as ours. But she’s still sassy and brilliant.


7) She has basically the best comebacks ever. 



8) Just when you think shes going to be nice, she’ll surpise everybody by being her same old, dark humoured self. Ahhh.


9) She knows exactly what her goals are…and they were usually caused by wanting more followers on Instagram. 


10) She understands the importance of chicken. 


11) Even though she’s a totally brilliant and crazy clever doctor, she still says stuff that absolutely normal people think. 


12) She’s not that great at people not inviting her to stuff. We get that. 

image image 

13) Just because she loves all things basic doesnt mean she actually is basic….no of course not…


14) She has red wine distasters. We all know the pain too well.


Love Robyn! 


37 thoughts on “14 reasons why Mindy should be everybodys spirit animal…”

  1. She can never replace my first opposite-sex celebrity spirit comic animal: Tina. Just saying “Tina” makes me think she should never be referred to by just her first name, because it sounds funny. Tina Fey. Much better.


  2. Hey, I love your post! I love Mindy! My favourite episode is the one where she can’t go on a diet and loves eating cake (story of my life). [Also, I’ve written on that issue too] 😛 She’s actually my inspiration to write funny. Thanks for stopping by at MissShady.:)

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