14 signs you might possibly be the most unhelpful room mate in the world…

This can also apply to live in boyfriend/girlfriend/child/parent/guest that outstays their welcome/ghost

1) You have a million excuses why you didn’t buy milk or clean the kitchen like you said you would.


2) You bombard your roommates with useless information about your life instead of helping them with the weekly shop.


3) This is your answer to why are you always running up the phone bill…


4) when you do eventually managed to do your washing and survive the whole ordeal.


5) When your roommates don’t realise what a blessing you are to the house.


6) The bathroom floor may as well be your own personal bra wardrobe.


7) when you get into an argument over something silly (and realise you need to watch less musicals).


8) Your roommates have definitely said this about you before.


9) You are the queen of the passive aggressive message to your roommates via the group chat rather than actually speak to them face-to-face.


10) Playing Taylor Swift extremely loud is your way of contributing to the positive atmosphere of the house. Haters gonna hate hate hate.


11) If you realise there is no milk you will most likely leave the empty carton in the fridge and help somebody else notices.


12) Your idea of cooking for the house is either 12p noodles from Tesco or chocolate. Or both.


13) However when somebody else cooks for you, you are the pickiest person in the world.


14) You shout ludicrous things at your roommates with boyfriends and girlfriends and show their significant others pictures of said roommate with their head in a bucket in Magaluf.


Love Robyn.

16 thoughts on “14 signs you might possibly be the most unhelpful room mate in the world…”

  1. Well, I had to go back and check out the flamingo. Also, it’s a good job that Jaffa cakes only have one wrapper, don’t they? (sorry that took so long, I had to go check out Jaffa Cake wrapper images). I see someone put up a picture (during that search) of a Jaffa Cake, with a little Stonehenge made out of Jaffa Cake, on top of it (!) Give that person an award someone! (though how did they resist the temptation to eat it for so long)? I’m sorry, I’m thinking out loud on the page again! I’ll go now.


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