Tell me I’m not the only one…

Okay, you guys must do this too. You must finish a blog post and ‘Damn im funny-intelligent-thoughtprovoking-sexy’…..


And at the moment, this plan is going great, its just, I dont have a storyline, or any characters or even an idea that came to me just before I was falling asleep (I even have my notebook next to my bed , like my year 12 English teacher said, for when inspiration strikes). But still….

love Robyn!

16 thoughts on “Tell me I’m not the only one…”

  1. Get the notebook and dont let it leave you. When the idea comes (it could come anytime) write it down then and there. If got a jaffa cake for every idea i forgot then i would look like one.
    The idea will come, because its in you, i see it in your blog posts and i think you would write something that would split sides with laughter.
    Btw… By the way of a background theme i could see you writing the jaffa cake trilogy 😛

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  2. If you’re really interested just take your pen to your paper and start writing. It’s called freewriting and the ideas just start flowing. Then you can hone in on those ideas. However, I think you do a fairly good job just writing your blog.
    If you do become famous, I want a jaffa cake party. I Googled it, so I know what they are, and they look yummy!

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