12 allergy struggles that are just too real…


There are no heroes when it comes to allergy season…

1) People genuinely worrying that you’ve come to work stoned or that you’re really sad and just stopped crying.

2) Knowing it’s going to be a terrible day when you forget your eye drops. 

3) Wondering how people manage to stroke dogs and be outside in April without getting chronic itchy face.

4) People asking you what’s wrong and you just being able to say ‘my chin is just soooo itchy’.

5) People’s comments like ‘ooh I can’t even see any pollen’ make you want to cry, just leave me alone, it’s not my fault I’m different.

6) No I don’t want to come to your picnic because grass means losing the ability to see or breathe. 

7) ‘I’ll just take one antihistamine’-sleeps for 6 hours.

8) People who dare to open the window when there is the distinct sound of grass being cut are everything that’s wrong with this world. 

9) Just looking at pictures of dogs and cats makes your face itch.

10) That hayfever is still not a good enough excuse not to go to the persons you don’t like barbecue- but what about my health?!

11) Trying to convince yourself that you’re ‘fine’ and that it will be totally worth it to pick up the neighbours French Bulldog….they’re just so cute.

12) You sneeze that much, you worry, you’re annoying the people who have to say ‘bless you’ afterwards.  

Love Robyn

9 thoughts on “12 allergy struggles that are just too real…”

  1. I feel your pain, I suffer from a dust allergy, so winter is my worst time of year when the house is shut up. I do like it when I hear “I’m breathing the same air as you and I’m fine” things like that bring you to the point of contemplating murder.

    I hope you’ve been ok otherwise and be thankful you’re not allergic to Jaffa Cakes. 🙂
    (I had to slip them in somewhere… come on)


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