The top 15 ‘…ughk really?’ Moments….


We all have those times when you’re just done. So done.

1) Just as you get in the shower and SOMEBODY decides to start running a hot tap somewhere or to put the washing on, no thanks you really, I wanted to stand under freezing cold water. 

2) When you rush for the last spot on the train only to be edged out by a slithe Kindle reader. 

3) Working out the exact amount of change £2.55 and then getting to the till and it being £2.73. 

4) When you get to the bs I stop and you can see the bus driving just pulling away, practically laughing in your face.

5) When you forget that book with that homework in it that you need and that took you 3 hours to do. 

6) When you just need a bloody chocolate croissant and they’re not even out yet, come on please, MY BUS COMES IN 2 MINUTES!

7) When no amount of shaking or pleading is gunna magically refill the deodorant, just face facts you forgot to buy more and you’re gunna stink.

8) When you spent a good 20 minutes doing the washing up only to return 5 minutes late to a sink full of cups that YOU did not use. 

9) When you get to the shop at 9:01, thinking they shut at 10 when in reality they shut at 9.

10) Realising you were too lazy to wash socks and that socks are actually a very vital part of clothing at 6 in the morning. 

11) Leaving your phone on charge, no wait, leaving your phone on charge but forgetting to plug the charger in. 

12) Only at the bus stop, realising you don’t actually have your purse with you.

13) Accidentally scrolling through somebodies Instagram to 2012 and liking a photo. 

14) Only after putting either a hilarious sentence or a heartfelt one, did you realise the spelling mistake.

15) The point when you don’t get ID’d in a supermarket, even though you went in wearing Tweety Bird pyjamas and no makeup on. Thanks.

Love Robyn!

11 thoughts on “The top 15 ‘…ughk really?’ Moments….”

  1. I like this, some good one like number 7. One you might have added was going to the cupboard for Jaffa Cakes and finding only the empty box… That must be a killer! 😛


  2. If only instagram extended the ten second rule to likes – saving us the shame of the notification in cases of rapid deliking.


  3. I daren’t point out any mistakes (like ‘tarts’ in this post, as you may not let me come back next week, so I won’t. Why don’t they make people chargers yet?


  4. Now my original comment got deleted! I just don’t know… It was about tarts, bs and realisiMg. (Please see above list for explanation). I’m sorry, I’m a grammar nerd.


  5. Lists of horribly funny things that we can all kinda almost relate to except I haven’t had half these experiences, but they were funny anyway, are always fun. That was a horrible sentence. Point here is: I like your list.

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