Web MD says I’m dying…(and why it’s okay to be irrationally scared of doctors)

I hope you guys feel special, I’m writing this completely in secret. Against everybody’s will because I actually should be asleep right now.

No, it’s not in the middle of the night, it’s 3 o clock in the afternoon and after dragging myself home from school and onto a tram and a bus (on which, there was an actually very mean lady and now I’m getting my revenge in the form of bitching about her on my blog-hah) I’m finally safely cocooned in my bed.

Except I’m a million degrees one second and cold the other so it’s a delirious battle of throwing blanket to floor, blanket to Robyn.

I think to be honest I should go to the doctors, 4 weeks of being a bit bllaaaaaghl is getting a bit boring (and not to mention having an allergic reaction that made me look like I was doing a bizarre off-trend Kylie Jenner challenge). But I’m one of those where people, that might actually have the very real and not at all totally made up ‘allergic-to-DR-Itus’ disease, I think it’s from years of my parents ‘are you really sick’ challenges so now I think I can only go to the doctors if I’m coughing up a lung or a stomach.

…and plus when i go to the doctors I have nothing to complain to strangers on the internet about *shrugs shoulders*.

Anyway time for some shut eye,

love Robyn!


P.s completely forget about my post about how being ill is great, it’s lies, all lies!

15 thoughts on “Web MD says I’m dying…(and why it’s okay to be irrationally scared of doctors)”

      1. So sad…I think it only works in person! It’s the worst thing in the world for me when I know my babies far, far away are sick. 😦 Hugs…


  1. I’ve not been feeling great either – but you should go and see the doctor’s I think. I won’t check to see an online doctor – it will probably say I should have died three weeks ago and that the only reason I’m alive is because of the sugar from Jaffa Cakes ;-P

    Get well soon 🙂

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