Miley vs Nicki: are the VMAs destroying girl power?


The VMAs are a total celebrity fest and so that means when you have hundreds and thousands of celebrity’s all cozying up together, getting all personal, there will definitely  most likely be a brawl, a bust up or a broken heart At the end of the night and this year didn’t fail to deliver.

Although Kanye Wests crazy presidential announcement probably did take the  cake for craziest outburst, Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus were also the talk of the show after a few stern words (I imagine this is what both their publicists are saying) were shared between the two, as Minaj picked up her award.

To be honest….do I think it was staged? Probably. 

Do I think the audience like a little drama?Definitely.

But does this ‘spat’ between the two kind of signify that these award shows are seriously doing but encouraging women to compete with each other?

I always had a problem with these shows, they were funny and sometimes people got covered with weird stuff but it was always popularity contest. Always a place to see who you could make fun of, or who had the best dress, I never really cared about the music. So these award shows kind of made way for the me, the press, other people to pit these people against other …

Magazines are famous for these ‘hot or not’ coloumns or ‘who looked the best at the VMAs’ kind of articles, and it seems to me that this is where we find the real winners, the celebrities who are get that little 5 minutes extra of fame.

So it kind of become a way of putting women against each other in order to make celebrities and magazines happy, the classic who wore better, is a multi million dollar machine.

 Oh and about this whole thing of  Nicki, calling Miley a bitch in front of the whole world, doesn’t really do much for girl power, does it?

Sigh, maybe it’s time we moved this to the radio? Huh?

Love Robyn.

12 thoughts on “Miley vs Nicki: are the VMAs destroying girl power?”

  1. I agree. It gets rather preposterous when you have a bunch of grossly overpaid, under-talented twats running amok thinking they’re on to of the world and thinking they can say or do whatever they damn well please. The award shows are really just a bunch of millionaires who are all essentially singing the same songs to slightly differing back music, who are coming together to pay one another on the back and hand out trophies. It’s rather sickening, really.

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  2. Well, I Would Rather Prefer Sing With You Girls Some Karaoke Than Argue About Celebrities. I Believe In Girl Power. I Prefer Women Than a Man, Women Are More Smarter. Enjoy The Day Lovely Girls. Especially You Melanie


  3. Hey Robyn, personally, I have no faith in celebrities. I think all they do is stage “beefs” for publicity. At the end of the day, they are the real winners in all of this. Their popularity soars, they get more revenue for their products and more endorsements while we try to gobble up the who said what from the media thinking it actually means something when it doesn’t. $$Cash Rules


  4. I stopped paying attention to awards shows awhile back. Except for the pictures of the fashions afterwards. At least they’re normally inoffensive, although that’s been changing, of late.

    By the way, you’ve been chosen as one of today’s nine blogs in That’s So Jacob’s Ninth Month Blog Challenge! I challenge you to find nine blogs you find interesting and give them a comment to brighten their day…well, eight other blogs and mine 🙂 Copy this message in your comment and enjoy your new blog friends!


    1. Wow thank you very much! At the moment I’m just finding the time to visit my blog every day so I’m a bit bombarded, but thank you very very much, I’m always pleased to hear from happy readers!


  5. I’m wondering if girl power is defined by some kind of income threshold. I caught a video clip the other day in which Ariana Grande, who looks like she’s 12, threw in some pole dancer moves with a song. I found it creepy… but then does that mean I’m “slut shaming” or opposing girl power?

    I thought to myself, “What if my middle aged self went around leafleting the local colleges, seeking college girls to come do pole dance moves in my garage for $50 ?” Perv? Or is that girl power? Or is it only girl power if it is a media event and earns a gazillion bucks?

    I dunno, this stuff all diverges into the neurotic after awhile.


    1. I think you’re touching on a great subject, it seems to be a very fine line between supporting and shaming. I think to keep an open mind and to Say things with good intentions generally helps me steer away (especially when blogging) from sounding too judgey judgey. But that doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed your opinion! Hah and to be honest I would stay away from inviting girls to pole dance in your garage :p

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