Would you wanna be a YouTube Star?


So I don’t know about you guys but often when I go on Facebook or Instagram, I’m not usually looking at my friends and families totally interesting and never ever too personal statuses or photos, usually it’s some guy that made a vine or is a famous ‘vlogger’ and video’d himself in the supermarket embarrassing himself and usually his partner. 

And also when I go to work out, I don’t work out at the gym (nobody wants to see my sweaty red face) I open up YouTube and do some yoga or some Pilates.

I can even figure out how to do the perfect smokey eye without even opening Google.

And I really have to think how did these people get so famous! 

YouTube really is a platform with everything, not only you can interact with these famous bloggers or youtubers as if they were your close friends and family via email, comments, likes and shares, you can also make your own videos with little hope that one day you’ll get 200,000 subscribers too.

Is there really a downside to being YouTube famous though?

I’ve seen the rise and fall of ‘Facebook’ famous people (silly notion really) but YouTube definitely seems to be onto a winner, stars are making millions every year, securing lucrative advertising deals and what not…

But can it really be as glamorous as it seems? Okay from what I’ve said so fair, it sounds great and I’m one step away from quitting School and trying to make it big as a vlogger…but if you think about the big picture…not only do you have millions of people critisising your every flaw but now they can leave you a happy little comment to let you know (I wrote an article on this awhile ago, here). Now some people may say ‘well people have been doing this to film stars for years’ but the way I see it youtubers don’t quite have the same protection of ‘I’m a multi award winning actress’ there’s no acting classes, nothin to really hide behind. People either get you or they don’t, 

And if they don’t get you, they will probably call you: fat, ugly or stupid. Right to your little face.


So what you give up the privacy of blogging or even just ordinary life to become a blogger? I don’t think I’ll be swapping to the small screen any time soon…

Love Robyn! 

12 thoughts on “Would you wanna be a YouTube Star?”

  1. Good point. I use Youtube to learn things like knitting stitches or how to do a certain hair thing. With some of those how-to’s I find myself thinking “what kind of weird life do you have if you devote enough of your time to creating a big Youtube presence that you become a ‘star’?”


  2. There is also the question of goals and motivation. If someone feels the best way to get his or her art and message across is through video, he or she will not care about the size of the audience. The motivation is within the artist. If fame is the motivation, well, that is not really sustainable, is it? It is a pretty vacuous existence, if the artist does not have anything substantial to keep him or her going.

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  3. I agree. There’s something a little scary about it all and as easy as it is to say you won’t read the comments…you will. Being insulted by strangers is never fun.


  4. Funny you mention it. Last weekend, I decided to climb out from under my rock and learn how to apply makeup and I wondered how these ladies figured out how to make imperfect videos with confidence and make cash doing something almost everyone seems to know already. I don’t think I could make videos myself but I’m still trying to decide if I should give it a shot. After all, you never know until you try, right?


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