My favourite comments from the last billion years…


Hellooo lovely commenters,

I’m so happy you guys have all stuck with em during this mega busy time, it’s been a difficult few weeks, all my school work is in German and it’s been long hours of switching between ‘yes I am gunna do this’ and ‘no, no , no, need my mum’, but I thought whilst I had the lovely peace and quiet on this Sunday morning, why not applaud all you lovely commenters! So here take a seat and keep the tissues spare here are the commenters of the week (in coooompletely random categories sometimes).

The ‘Right On Brother’ comment:

Do people still say ‘Right onnn’? I don’t know, that’s not important thanks so much for Sfarnell for leaving this great comment on my should we shame Kylie Jenner? Post:

Whether we agree or not with her lifestyle or choices is not the issue, it’s ok to disagree but it’s what we do about it that counts. Personally I don’t involve myself with or pay much attention to the celebrities. They live in a world I just don’t get.

No one has the right to degrade anyone on or offline, if she want to live like that it’s no one of my business. In a big way I don’t care, no one cares or looks into my life or my choices so I don’t have any right to do the same.

People should just live and let live, if you don’t like what you see – don’t look.

The joke-that-might-also-be-true comment:

Haha Puffetic loved this comment on my ‘why it’s okay to be a no man‘ post I feel like there’s a lot of truth behind this, remind me to never ask a favour off of you…

There’s nothing wrong with saying “yes,” but it always needs to be directly followed up with, “but it’s gunna cost ya.” Cold hard cash bribes are most acceptable, however I will sometimes accept worship and ad hoc favours (demonstrated on a daily basis) until I consider the debt to be paid in full.

The one that I have to nod my head in agreement to:

Aviets  I hope you manage to survive the group hug excersise, I really bloody do…

OMG. The word “mingle” for me means the same as “nail your head to the floor. then dunk it in a bucket of rubbing alcohol.” Recently I was at an awesome conference with about 30 people I got fairly close to over the week we spent together. But at the end when someone suggested we do a “group hug” type of activity at the very end I was absolutely certain my death was imminent.

The one with the ‘interesting about me’ fact:

So i always like to hear about you guys and your quirks, turns out a blogger who I could say I’ve known for a while now, comes out of the woodwork with this fact on my ‘9 ways to survive your year abroad‘ post it’s a funny old world Gilbo int’it:

Ooer! I would love a brain like that there Pickleope. Did I ever tell you that I’m half-Dutch? No? Well, I’m half-Dutch. They do the same thing food wise. You get in the house and out comes the coffee and cake, then the dinner, then pudding, then (if you’re still there) more delights of all kinds. Makes me fat just thinking of it. I did a Dutch course many years ago, (‘cos my Dutch mum didn’t want the bother of teaching me)! I learned that the best way of learning a new language, (to me anyway) is to think in that language as soon as you are able. (Only when you’re in that country, of course)! Be daft in Wakefield high street to be thinking of the best German phrasing to use in’t butchers! When will your ‘year abroad’ be up then Robyn? Or are you never coming back?

The one That made a proper chuckle:

If you’re a follower of these highly disappointing  awaited blog awards you’ve probably seen this user before,  Pickelope you make me lol:

After reading this, I still don’t know what “topshop” means. I have an idea based on context clues, but the true meaning eludes me. Also, “salad tosser”!?! I’ve heard of “tosser” but now we’re using someone’s specific vocation as a pejorative? Poor sous chefs who have to assemble the starter salad, to know their job is bandied about as an insult. And when do you use “shite” versus “shit”? Oh, charity shops are cool, but what are they washing the clothes in to make them all smell so uniquely like charity shop clothing?

The one that made me want to move to America:

I love it when you guys tell me about all the weird probably highly toxic sting, sugar filled bags of goodness that you can buy across the pond (and I love it even more so when people offer me to send aforementioned bags of loveliness) thankyou Leannimal403 for making me dribble with jealousy…

Thank you! And I’ll need an address… in which I will also include a limited time Oreo pack…Brownie Batter. I’m. Not. Kidding. They. Make. That.This is why I will never have thin thighs

The one that makes me soooo jealous:

As a teenager who’s drinking capability is that of a fish, I should have been able to train myself to a decent standard of not getting hangovers, sadly I haven’t trained hard enough and those bloody sulfites, but for  duncanr its a whole other story…

glug, glug, glug – just finishing off my 3rd bottle of wine today (1x merlot + 1 x chardonnay + 1 x white zinfadel), confident in the knowledge that while I may be a bit bleary-eyed in the morning, I won’t have a headache – [years of training, you see, plus Scottish genetic tolerance to high alcohol intake levels means probability of hangover tomorrow  😆

Thankyou so much to everybody again! Check out all these wonderful blogs and send them some love!

Love Robyn!

8 thoughts on “My favourite comments from the last billion years…”

  1. I still say “right on” but I may not be the best barometer of what is or is not socially acceptable.
    Wait a second, the Scottish are genetically immune to hangovers? Imagine the damage I could do to myself with a mutant superpower like that!
    Thank you for sending love my, and everyone else on this list’s way.


  2. Thank you for posting a bit more of my stuff! I’m honoured. Also, congratulations to duncanr for most impressive usage of English Grammer while getting sloshed! I am currantly having a small tippple myshelf to sellabrait.zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Liked by 1 person

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