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13 things boyfriends ‘who-would-rather-be-anywhere-but-shopping’say…


Okay well this might not be for every boyfriend in the world, but I definitely hear these sentences every time we make our way through to the treacherous urban jungle that is H&M…

  1. ‘Look at these jeans look! 35€ and they’ve got rips in! What’s the point in buying jeans with rips in!’
  2. ‘Why does that girl have a piercing through her septum? Is that a thing now…’
  3. ‘Okay being honest, I think my grandma has that jumper *pointing at jumper in H&M*’
  4. ‘Is there any possibility for them to put more chairs in here…’
  5. ‘Why would a girl need a see-through purse that’s just stupid, I’m going upstairs’ 
  6. ‘Yeah it’s nice, it looks just like that one you have at home’
  7. ‘There is absolutely no need for 3 floors of women’s clothes, how can women possibly need that many things, HOW’
  8. ‘There’s never anywhere to sit down here and it always smells like sweat and sadness in here’
  9. ‘Yeah of course I’ll wait in the queue with yo-*looks at queue, looks at you* im going to McDonald’s, call me when you’re finished’
  10. Shall I buy this?? ‘*not looking up from phone* Yeah it looks great’
  11. *holding up a kimono* What the fuck is that..’
  12. ‘What do you mean they are two different shades of blue? That ones blue and this ones blue..just buy them both then*
  13. ‘If one more sweaty person rubs there arm on my arm, I’m done’

Love Robyn!

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