14 excuses not to tell your mum if you fail an exam…


So after a good old scroll through my Facebook feed I’ve found out that it some kind of school results day sooo it inspired me to be just sooo negative and think of things not to do if you fail…

I’m basically the exam grinch…

1) ‘Well mum the reason I didn’t pass in English was because I got shitfaced with Julia on red wine two nights before’

2) ‘I just didn’t expect there to be another side of questions’

3) ‘During the exam my eyes just started getting really heavy, it was so weird, maybe I ate something wrong, I don’t I just fell asleep’ 

 4) ‘Well I mean playing Call of Duty all night was just a relaxation excersise… Yes for the whole year’

5) ‘Well all we can learn from that is to read that years English books…sigh who knew’

6) ‘If hadn’t spent every history lecture not hungover to hell, I might have done a teensy bit better…’

7) ‘I spent all my time playing that Kim Kardashian game instead of revising…’ 

8) ‘ It’s the not the end of the world, I’ve got other options, being a YouTuber seems to be quite a low risk-high success job path.’

9) ‘If Pretty Little Liars had just revealed ‘A’ sooner I would have passed that’

10) ‘If the exam had been in eating numerous bowls of cereal and watching crap TV I would have been top of the class’

11) ‘I mean how good is Shakespeare anyway? Does anyone really know who he is? Probably not’

12) ‘Well I might not be very good when it comes to chemistry but I have watched thousands of hours of makeup tutorials so I can do a perfect smokey eye’

13) ‘I don’t know how I failed! I spent so long making revision plans, colouring it, changing it every week as the date got closer and closer… Spending hours everyday finding the perfect shade of blue…’

14) ‘I just couldn’t stand the idea of ruining my beautiful new notebooks with revision…’

Love Robyn!

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