Shitty day?

Hellooo everybody,

i had one of those weird weeks where the Monday was wonderful and I was floating on air but the then big bad tuesday came, so I know I don’t usually do this kind of thing (I know there’s know pug photo) but I just wanted to recommend to anybody who’s got a bad case of ‘grrr’ face to check out this yoga video.

No it’s not a lardy da floating around wondering if you should be doing something more useful with your time kind of video (promise) it’s just a funny little video to stretch those tuesdayblues away, you definitely don’t have to be into yoga at all to have a good old stretch.

Anyway you can check it out if you want or if not you can tell me what to do when my brain heads straight for ‘you can’t do this you’re a failure’ and my hands head straight for a bottle of wine…

lets hope Wednesday’s a  better day…

love Robyn!

7 thoughts on “Shitty day?”

  1. Oh love, I feel ya. I could fill a bottle of wine with all the tears I’ve shed in the last 24 hours…


      1. Thanks darling. Hopefully you’re doing better yourself! Xoxoxoxoxo


  2. Yeah, here’s hoping your Wednesday is better. When I get those self-defeating thoughts I try to yell at my brain, “shut up, brain, you’re being dumb,” and two minutes later I’m drunk. So, angry yoga has to be healthier than that.


  3. 34 minutes 33 seconds of waiting for the ‘funny’. But I loved the closing music. I could have a whole album of that. I hope you’re having a much better day now. I never try to fail as I know I would fail at it. I’m the sort of bloke who makes mistakes with Tipp-Ex and then sits there for an hour wondering how to fix it! Missing the pug. Be happy soon!


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