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Sad and hungover


All the sad hangover brain right now.

And not only that some bloody idiot started mowing the grass at 7 in’t morning on a bloody Saturday! 

So sleep deprived+ hungover= not a pretty situation. 

But it’s seriously always like that isn’t it…headache that feels like somebody’s twisting your brain means that it’s national trumpet playing day, just to really get you in the spirit.

Anyway you might have noticed that I’ve just started school again and it’s all a bit hectic, you also may have noticed that I haven’t been doing the comment competition. It’s not you its me. And my very poor time management skills. 

So they will be back soon, I promise!

Anyway I hope you guys are all week? Anyone suffering from deadly merlot brain too? 

Also let me know if you guys want a blog post about studying in Germany, learning a new language, living abroad etc I’m always happy to divulge. 

Love from a sad, hungover Robyn (who still has yesterday’s makeup on) 

6 thoughts on “Sad and hungover”

  1. I would LOVE to hear of your summer adventures of living abroad in Germany! Don’t sweat the time management, getting back in to the routine of life and starting school is a literal bitch of a nightmare. You’re quite excused! Love ya babe!

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  2. I’d like to hear about learning the romance language that is German. The guy who started mowing at 7 deserves to have his lawn burned and to have a train whistle go off in his bedroom at 2AM every day. Who does that? It didn’t happen to me but I’m angry about it. Complete lack of empathy for humanity, that sadist.


  3. glug, glug, glug – just finishing off my 3rd bottle of wine today (1x merlot + 1 x chardonnay + 1 x white zinfadel), confident in the knowledge that while I may be a bit bleary-eyed in the morning, I won’t have a headache – [years of training, you see, plus Scottish genetic tolerance to high alcohol intake levels means probability of hangover tomorrow <1] 😆


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