16 sure fire things that are going to happen on the first day of school…


I’m sorry. These things are just going to happen….

  • You will make yourself a healthy breakfast, only to not be able to eat it because it’s too god damn early. 
  • You’ll realise the only pen you brought with you was a sparkley green gel pen.
  • You’ll realise no amount of sleep in the past 2 months could have prepared you for this.
  • Lunchtime will take far too long to get there and be over far too fast. 
  • You will have the daunting realisation that you’re not allowed to wear pyjamas to school.
  • You will get 1590 new friend requests on Facebook. 
  • You’ll take a sandwhich with you so you don’t have to buy anything only to end up buying a huge 3 course meal.
  • There will never be any toilet roll in the toilets. 
  • Your new grown up attitude and classiness will get thrown out the window as soon as you get on the bus. 
  • You’ll realise that nobody mentioned your hair that took you hours to do. 
  • The sun will shine and burn through the windows of the classroom as you sit there in misery.
  • Every single person in the class will think about dropping out. Definitely.
  • You’ll forget a spoon for your yoghurt or your yoghurt will explode in your bag ruining all your new stationary. 
  • You will have to text your mum on an hourly basis to tell her your there.
  • No amount of alarms will make it any easier.
  • You will eat more than one bowl of cereal after school. Like probably 5. 

Love Robyn.

16 thoughts on “16 sure fire things that are going to happen on the first day of school…”

  1. There’s no numbers! But what would have been No.8 gets me. My school was a bit rough. There were never any TOILETS in the toilets! Just a few bits of sharp, pointy, broken porcelain, surrounded by a few jets of water, shooting out of the floor.


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