14 reasons why charity shops are the best…


I’m an addict for them. I can’t get enough. As soon as I see a sign for Oxfam or British Heart Foundation I am in there like a bullet! So many bargains so little time…

1) If you’re really lucky you’ll find some sneaky Ralph Lauren trainers or a Chanel purse that an unsuspecting volunteer has blindly displayed for only £1.50.

2) Nobody needs to know that your new denim skirt with the buttons up the front just like the one in Topshop actually cost 99p.

3) You can update your wardrobe as many times as you want and never feel bad for splurging.

4) The more you shop the more you help charity. 

5) Gone are the days of charity shops being filled with horrible wooly jumpers, the days of ‘vintage finds’ are upon us. 

6) Books are usually 50p. Score.

7) No long queues or people looking at you funny because you don’t look ‘Topshop enough’.

8) But you do look Topshop enough because you just bought their entire spring collection for a fraction of the price. 

9) You can be smug when you find out someone bought the same top as you for full price. 

10) When you can’t find a bargain a good game of ‘you’d look great in this’ whilst pointing at the ugliest trousers and vest combo is good game to play.

11) Or even ‘weirdest shite Bingo’.

12) Gone are the days of sneaking in and out of taboo charity shops, hoping nobody would see you because it’s just sooo uncool. 

13) Need loads of weird shit for uni that you’ll never need again like a salad tosser? Look no further!

14) Want to get rid of all your weird shit you’ve had since you were 9? Then look no further, fill up a bag! 

Love Robyn..

4 thoughts on “14 reasons why charity shops are the best…”

  1. After reading this, I still don’t know what “topshop” means. I have an idea based on context clues, but the true meaning eludes me. Also, “salad tosser”!?! I’ve heard of “tosser” but now we’re using someone’s specific vocation as a pejorative? Poor sous chefs who have to assemble the starter salad, to know their job is bandied about as an insult. And when do you use “shite” versus “shit”? Oh, charity shops are cool, but what are they washing the clothes in to make them all smell so uniquely like charity shop clothing?


    1. Okay well Topshop is a clothing shop with is just shite. You can use shite and shit at the same time. Speaking of shite, a salad tosser is in fact a culinary instrument as opposed to a person and the answer is they don’t wash the clothes in anything hence they smell like moths all the time


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