14 thoughts that go through my head when I’m on Facebook…


1) ‘Why on earth do I have a hundred new notifications?! Oh yeah some dickhead wants to play FarmVille with me’ 

2) ‘I could honestly care less about your lunch…but your sweet potatoe fries do look nice’

3) ‘Maybe if I watch a hundred makeup tutorials, I will look like Rosie Huntington Whitely by 4pm’

4) ‘Where are all the funny cat videos?!?!’

5) ‘The actual last time I spoke to her was in in year 6 when she wrote ‘best friends forever’ on my white polo top’.

6) ‘ So many baby photos, why are alllll the baby photos here’.

7) ‘OMG she’s pregnant?’

8) ‘If people are going to hashtag on Facebook there really is just no point anymore’

9) ‘oh a picture of a pandora gift bag and the monkey covering its eyes emoji, how rare’

10) ‘ooh a moody sunset picture’ 

11) ‘No I don’t want to ‘drop you an inbox’ because you’re ‘bored asf’ leave me alone.

12) ‘ No they can’t have graduated, they just can’t, because that would make us all nearly adults.’

13) ‘I don’t understand what whipping and naynay-ing is’

14) ‘I bet my picture of my roast dinner wouldn’t get anywhere as near as many likes’

Love Robyn! 

10 thoughts on “14 thoughts that go through my head when I’m on Facebook…”

  1. Mine’s a tad bit different with #1. It’s more like, “Why on earth do I have A NOTIFICATION?! Oh yeah, it’s that dude’s birthday.”


      1. Oh, it’s not my friends’ birthdays. :B It’s those people that, for some reason, are my friends in Facebook even if I don’t know them. (I tried unfriending, they just appear again on my newsfeed). Or some classmates back in elementary that I don’t have contact with for ages. Or some distant relatives I don’t know personally.

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  2. Number 8 bothered me until I realized that people link their Twitter with their Facebook. It doesn’t make it right, I mean, who needs 15 hashtags? What are you doing with your life? But still, it lessens the sting a bit. When I go on Facebook and am buried beneath the tsunami of unsupportable political opinions or spreading of basic scientific untruths, I just think, “why am I on here, it’s supposed to bring me closer to friends who are far away, but it makes me hate them, why oh why am I bothering with this nonsense?”


      1. It’s fabulously rewarding. I mean…both motherhood and the ability to embarrass my kidlettes in public 😀


  3. YES to #1! I have blocked a few people because of Farmville requests. Haha. Another thought I have is, “If you’re angry with someone in particular, why not tag them in your post to complete the public rant?” (I hate when people use Facebook as a soapbox to tell the world they’re upset with someone but only give half the story, as if someone is going to give a shit enough to ask.)

    Also, for funny cat videos/cute daily pictures, check out Tegan and Sara. Major cat obsession going on there, LMAO.


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