16 signs you are definitely not a people person…


Its not your fault you just prefer Pugs to humans, it’s just not…

1) you secretly pray on your way home from work that nobodies in so you can sit and have a cup of tea in peace.

2) Anymore than 3 people is just absolute mayhem, all the shouting. 

3) You have perfected the ‘please don’t recognise me’ mutter under the breath as somebody walks towards.

4) You seriously don’t get how people don’t enjoy being by themselves, no bra = no problems.

5) Most of the time when people are telling you about this ‘totally sick pardddy’ they went to  you’re actually imagining your happy place- lying on a beach in St Lucia.

6) You don’t understand how some people are so good at small talk…

7) You are definitely the one that makes the awkward joke that makes everyone feel uncomfortable- you knew you should have gone with the astronaut one.

8) People inform you that you can’t bring your pet as a plus one to their wedding. 

9) The word ‘mingle’ makes you groan inwardly.

10) You cant handle it whenever anybody speaks to you when you’re not finished with that all so important essay- no I DONT want to play candy crush!

11) You take hour long baths as often as you can to bask in the silence.

12) Going out for a work dinner can only mean being asked the same questions over and over again.

13) You would only go to your high school reunion under severe pressure from your friends and family. 

14) If you had it your way, people would only be allowed to annoy you after lunch.

15) There is no way in hell you would be caught dead in Primark on a Saturday with people jabbing you in the ribs and rubbing there sweaty arms on yours- blurgh.

16) You look at people and wonder how on earth you can be the same species.

Love Robyn.

26 thoughts on “16 signs you are definitely not a people person…”

  1. Well I’ve not tried #4 and my wife is an extrovert. So mabye I can get her out of the house and see if that works.


  2. OMG. The word “mingle” for me means the same as “nail your head to the floor. then dunk it in a bucket of rubbing alcohol.” Recently I was at an awesome conference with about 30 people I got fairly close to over the week we spent together. But at the end when someone suggested we do a “group hug” type of activity at the very end I was absolutely certain my death was imminent.


  3. No.7 would have me ALWAYS telling the awkward joke. That way people learn to avoid you & NEVER invite you to any of their parties. No.13 makes me glad my school never had a reunion. Have you ever seen the film “Carrie”? It would be just like that, an absolute bloodbath! (I don’t have her magic powers though. Humph!) But the funniest thing & this isn’t saying you aren’t as funny, ‘cos you are, is the look on the actual pug’s face. What a picture! Poor animal…


      1. I went to the mahooosive one on Oxford Street one Saturday afternoon just before Christmas. It taught me to think before I Primark. I still have flashbacks. The only time it’s safe to venture in there is 10am on a weekday!


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