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Is it okay to shame Kylie Jenner?


So after Friday’s epiphany about blogging, I decided to give myself a day off yesterday (the first one in 4 months of blogging) and I have to say…there were no twitches or sweating, much to my suprise. Anyway I’m back on the horse now and I wanted to talk about something that has kind of been playing on my mind for a while.

In case you don’t know who Kylie Jenner is, she’s part of one of the most famously Hollywood families (the Kardashian-Jenner Klan), she’s a reality TV show star, a model, a hair extension expert (for some reason) and a millionaire at only 17 years old.

So it doesn’t sound too bad…well it doesn’t sound too bad until you throw in some other factors like the fact she dates a rapper 6 years her elder, she posts ‘provocative’ photos of herself online (which a lot of people are uncomfortable with because of her age) and she is rumoured to have had plastic surgery. 

And it’s because of these factors that a lot of people do have something to say. Sadly ‘the live and let live’ attitude does stretch as a far and as wide as people would hope, but are people right to treat Kylie Jenner in this way? 

In my opinion, the word ‘stupid’ and ‘slut’ and other such variations are being thrown around a bit too much for talking about a 17 year old girl.  Do I agree that a 17 year old should have plastic surgery? No, probably not, but do I agree that millions of people all over the globe should make it there job to tell her what she should and shouldn’t be doing (in a usually derogatory or belittling manner)? No I don’t. 

And not because I’m standing up for her female to female, because I standing up for her as human to human. Because nobody, whether your 18 or 80, man, woman or whatever deserves to read such horrible things about themselves in such a mass. 

And also, would you call her a stupid slut to her face?

No, probably not.

Love Robyn.

12 thoughts on “Is it okay to shame Kylie Jenner?”

  1. I agree! Sometimes I start to think, “Wow, what the heck-” before I remind myself her life is of no concern to me. Her choices don’t have an effect on me and I think most of people’s thoughts are built out of jealously. I also think it would be tough to have thousands of people scrutinizing you and your choices every day even if you aren’t technically an “adult” too.

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  2. I don’t think it’s ever OK to belittle people. That being said, she embodies what many feel is wrong with our world. At 17, she is living the life of an adult, whether by choice and/or due to the fact that her mother doesn’t know how to parent. She is wearing heavy makeup and dressing in a manner that makes her appear far more mature than she is. She is not some innocent 17 year-old, and I’m not “slut shaming” her by saying that. She has grown up far too fast and that’s why people treat her like she’s an adult and not some poor,innocent teenager. I don’t respect her or her family. What good do they do for our world? What kind of role models are they? Kylie is responsible for thousands of young, impressionable women thinking they can plump their lips with a glass bottle. What a wonderful contribution! Way to go! She’s not exactly who I want my students looking up to. I’m also tired of this “anti-shaming” thing. If you’re an idiot, it’s only a public service if someone tells you so.

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    1. She has grown up very fast, and I don’t agree with a lot of the things her or her family does however it doesn’t change my life I just set out to purposefully insult her or them. I prefer constructive criticism to just down right insults x


      1. No, as we are adults, we are not affected by the poor choices of people in the media. However, as a teacher, I know that young, impressionable people will look up to these negative role models. It is not Kylie Jenner’s fault she grew up too fast, it’s her parents’. I have to work really hard to guide my students to view other famous people as more worthwhile to look up to. Not, it’s not helpful to insult her, and yes, constructive criticism is always better. However, in this “cry baby” era many say constructive critism is shaming because they don’t like to hear that what they’re doing is wrong/misguided/unacceptable, etc.


  3. It is not okay to shame Kylie Jenner because of these issues or any other people with this kind of issues. She’s a person too!


  4. Whether we agree or not with her lifestyle or choices is not the issue, it’s ok to disagree but it’s what we do about it that counts. Personally I don’t involve myself with or pay much attention to the celebrities. They live in a world I just don’t get.

    No one has the right to degrade anyone on or offline, if she want to live like that it’s no one of my business. In a big way I don’t care, no one cares or looks into my life or my choices so I don’t have any right to do the same.

    People should just live and let live, if you don’t like what you see – don’t look.


  5. Thanks so much for liking my poem Hunchy Lumpy Darlin on my blog WordMusic. It is biographical and even autobiographical because it is about my brother Jim. I am so glad you liked it.

    Brent Kincaid

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