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Who do you blog for?


I ask myself this question everytime I worry about stats, or every time I have this weird argument in my head where I think ‘no I don’t need to write a blog post today’ and then moments later ‘yes yes I do, what about…or…wait…’. And at that point I usually realise that nothing dramatically dangerous and down right terrible will happen if I just so happened to delay a blog post by one day.

But what if?

What if these small but lovely blog suddenly was left in ruins by me not saying stupid stuff on the Internet?

I can’t live with that kind of guilt. 

But I also do struggle between finding a harmonious balance of writing stupid  stuff on the Internet because I like it and because i feel obliged.

So who do you write your blog for?

I guess for me, I write my blog for me but sometimes I do get the feels. The feels which send shivers down my spine, the feels about what will happen if I don’t update or fire out another list.

And what would happen?

Nothing. And I mean that in the most literal term, not a peep would come out of WordPress.

And that’s the real problem. WordPress is my addiction and my readers, comment contributors and likers and everyone in between are feeding my addiction. I’m pretty sure I need rehab for WordPress.

So I guess I write my blog for that little voice in my head (probably the same voice that tells me I need a new handbag or the last slice of chocolate cake) the little voice that tells me that my blog will explode into silence unless I do something about it. 

But to be honest, I quite like it.

Happy Friday everybody (now go get really pissed on Merlot, so we can all sit and enjoy our mutual hangovers tomorrow) 

Love Robyn!

6 thoughts on “Who do you blog for?”

  1. I know exactly where you are coming from. I haven’t been posting as much this summer and I get fearful that my “fans” will think I’ve abandoned them. No one has mentioned it. Not even my mom 🙂

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  2. Hold on, are you telling me that blogging is an exercise in self-indulgence!?! And hold on, if I quit, the only repercussion would be the damage to my own fragile ego!?! How dare you force me to face my–and possibly your–own insecurities!
    I blog because it’s an obvious and lucrative money-grab. (This message brought to you by Bennigan’s. At Bennigan’s, if your food isn’t to your standards, we’ll double the butter on all your food, Bennigan’s, the Applebees of Bennigans: Try our fried water.)

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  3. A question that runs through my mind every time I want to post something.
    It’s a little hard to not worry about whether your readers will read your posts or not..


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