6 comments that prove my commenters are better than me (again)! 


Hello lovely readers,

It’s that time of the week again ( I swear these weeks are getting faster and faster) this time last week I was writing this is very sunny and beautiful Spain and I’m in very rainy and very grey England…but even though the weathers a bit you guys have been bombarding me with brilliant comments all week to cheer me up! As usual thanks to everyone who stopped by and liked or dropped me a comment.

All of last weeks blog posts are as follows (just in case you missed any):

1) 15 compliments that are definatley insults

2) 30 things you can only get away with if you’re old

3) 15 situations where I wish Siri would ask me ‘are you sure you want to do that?’ 

4) 15 signs you got wine drunk last night

5) Why is it okay to insult people (online)?

6) 16 signs you’re a stress-head

So without further ado lets get weird and look at your comments:
The weirdest:

I don’t even need to explain this one, Pickelope you did it again:

I already do some of these. I regularly go to my nearest Walmart, down a few liters of vodka and ride around on the rascal scooters, go home and get in bed by 5:00. That’s just a wholesome Friday afternoon.

What about the real joys of being old: you can commit and get away with crimes. You can rob a bank and the judge will probably just reprimand you and send you home, the whole time you’re just soiling yourself in the court in defiance of the law but nobody knows because you’re wearing Depends. Or maybe you forgot the all-around-maxi-pad and you just wanted to pee on the ground in front of the judge. What’s he going to say? Nothing, because you’re old and supposedly couldn’t help it. (Having really fleshed out that scenario, I fear my own aging process.)

The truthiest of truths:

I love it when the conversation drifts towards wine, and I also love this absolute diamond of a comment by Jennanigans:

Love it. All very apt, for red wine drunk. White wine  drunk is the same except for enhanced sense of elitism and self-importance

The inspiring one:

My favourite post this week was ‘Why is it okay to insult people (online)?’ And largely because I got so many interesting and wonderful comments of people enraged at online bullies, thanks Ritaslanina for this gem!

Being “brave” enough to bully someone behind a computer is cowardly. Thanks for sharing this! I’ve been living under a rock and hadn’t seen this video. My bf has severe acne, he can’t help it and my own friends have mocked him for it. He uses prescription face cleanser and eats well. It’s just something he has to deal with. But he is a good person. Finding kindness in honesty is far different than being straight up cruel and nasty. #love #acceptance

The sweetest:

You guys give me the feels sometimes, thanks so much to Disastersofathirtysomething for this sweet little comment:

I love seeing you’ve done a new post – they’re always funny AND i get to see a new cute pug

The most interesting: 

What I appreciate most in comments is when they do not ‘bash’ or shame anybody, sadly a lot of comments (when my post is about a more controversial issue) are focused about what people’s opinion is and anything less than that is wrong. On my blog I do not want body/face/skinny/fat shaming and this is why Elizabetcetera gets the award today, this comment, I feel is the perfect mix of opinion and open mindedness that I really hope to reflect on my blog, thank you so much for taking the time to comment!

Thanks for creating such a touching post. I teared up at the end of the video

I have never seen or heard of this gal before. While I personally have never suffered from acne, I do have some thoughts on the subject. Essentially this woman is beautiful and lovely despite any acne she has. She does an incredible job “covering up” the acne blemishes. And in the same token, I actually like the less is more appearance.

The comments she has received without and with make-up are overall ignorant, shaming and lack empathy. It’s the whole “damned if you do, and damned if you don’t” scenario! Then at the very end there are the comments of people who can relate … thank Goddess for them!

I think when some people see someone with acne they subconsciously attribute blemished skin to poor health — whether or not this is true. One of the most ignorant comments … and there were plenty … was that she doesn’t wash her face. People with acne often have OVER cleaned faces as they try to wash away the acne. There is a protective skin layer that can be disrupted by over washing; not many people know this.

I deal with patients who take medication for their adult acne. They don’t feel good about their acne, but many have come to accept it and deal with it. It is disheartening, that yes, people on the internet will write things they wouldn’t dare to say in person … kind of like driving. Some people become jerks on the road, but if they were to walk by that same person on a sidewalk, surely wouldn’t curse at them or scream.

A couple of sources I found regarding acne:

1) http://www.today.com/health/8-surprising-myths-about-acne-1C9381854

2) http://www.acne.org/myths.html (I THOUGHT THIS WAS A VERY GOOD SITE)

3) ALL ABOUT ACNE: http://www.westlakedermatology.com/dermatology-procedures/acne/

It is awful that people make fun of and shame people on line. However, there is freedom of speech and a censored world still wouldn’t cure all the ills, evils, misconceptions … take Iran for example — freedom of speech is overly censored in that country sending hundreds (if not thousands) of people to prison each year unnecessarily for speaking up and out.

I think one of the best ways to combat ignorance — and that’s really what all of these negative and unproductive comments are — is not by further shaming and banning, but rather through continual education … education as to why acne occurs, letting people know that these comments emotionally effect people. It’s an ongoing effort … kind of like dealing with acne.

Last viewing recommendation is one of those “white board drawing” videos. This is not only entertaining but also informative.

4) http://www.evanshealthlab.com/acne-video/

Again, thanks for such a thought-provoking post. And cyber hugs out there to that woman with acne or any woman with acne or any person struggling with acne! ❤

The most motivating 

Nothing like a good bit of sweet talking to keep the magic of blogging alive, thank you Caregivingsucks for this:

So I tweeted this and you got favorited by @wine_marketing and @winecommunity Speak well of me as your fame increases.

7 thoughts on “6 comments that prove my commenters are better than me (again)! ”

  1. Jeez, when I read comments like Ritaslanina and Elizabetcetera I almost feel bad about writing half-witted nonsense that earns me “weirdest.” Maybe I should aspire for more…Nah, keep expectations low, that’s what mom always said whenever she’d look up from her bong.

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  2. Thanks for the mention. 🙂

    I love how you make a regular post about the comments your readers make. I’d like to do that on my blog but I don’t get many comments and frankly the diversity of comments like the ones you receive just aren’t happening for me. However, your blog is pretty diverse … in others words, I want to COPY what you’re doing, but it’s simply not practical. Great idea to post what the commenters say … again in a rewarding way. 🙂

    Keep up the great blogs … and keep the puggies coming!


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