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16 signs you’re a total Stress-head


Happy Sunday everybody! So you’re probably thinking this seems like a stressful post for a Sunday…well it is.

1) You print your boarding pass off  3 times a hide it in 3 different places just in case something happens…

2) If you’re not stood at a bus stop 15 minutes before the bus then you might as well have missed it.

3) There’s no such thing as too many lists.

4) People who manage to not freak out when in charge of more than four people are a crazy breed of humans. 

5) You have a special voice that you use when you’re in total stress mode and everyone knows to steer clear of it.

6) You have one notebook for shopping and one notebook for work and one notebook for the house and on and on and on.

7) You wonder why you have no friends during exam season. 

8) It doesn’t matter if there’s 5 other people helping out you will reduce yourself to a babbling imbecile in order to make everything right.

9) Surpised parties are literally your worse nightmare HOW CAN YOU STOP EVERYONE FROM BLABBING. 

10) You always pay with a fiver because you worry that even though you have exactly the right amount of change there will be a hidden cost somewhere. 

11) You have 4 different alarms on 4 different electronic devices. 

12) Everytime you get off public transport you panic search for your phone and wallet because you probably definitely forgot it. Oh wait it’s here. 

13) There is nothing worse than when a perfectly planned route goes terribly wrong because of LATE public transport. 

14) You think if you’re more than a few minutes late then everybody will be really pisser off and you won’t be invited back ever.

15) You plan everything down to the minute.

16) When people suggest being spontaneous the vein in your head starts twitching like crazy.

Don’t forget guys that the comment of the week feature will be up tomorrow! 

Love Robyn.

17 thoughts on “16 signs you’re a total Stress-head”

  1. I’m glad I’m canine and subject to such human insecurities. (Though I do admit to barking in a special way when I’m upset.) My human took a look and he suffers from 1, 3 (he makes lists of lists), 5 (can you sub look for voice tone?) 6, 8, 12, 15- Try being a dog it’s a better life.

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    1. You’re lucky, punk. And you bastard humans have nothing to complain about. Try being a fugitive rabbit on the run. Stealing from Farmer Brown is my only source of food, and well, I’ve been shot twice, and mauled by his dog. You idiots call traveling stress? Wimps.

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  2. Ouch – this is me. The one that got me the most was about being in charge of more than four people…for most of the year I’m inc charge of about 45 people every Sunday morning, and practically kills me. I have to lie down for the rest of the day.


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