15 signs you got wine drunk yesterday….


This is more of a Saturday morning post…but I’ve been on my ‘olidays and have had all these feels about wine hangovers….

1) You started off the evening basically thinking that you were the classiest most sophisticated person in the entire room.

2) You definitely wrinkled your nose at your friends strongbow….pah.

3) You remember regretting wearing white because after the first bucket glass of wine there was a few massive marks  drops all down your front. 

4) You are seriously thinking about doing a home tie-dye job on said ruined white jeans.

5) At one point someone might have told you to slow down and you replied with ‘darling it’s wine…I’m a professional’.

6) The wine made you feel fabulous and you made everyone call each other darling.

7) By the end of the night you looked like Patsy from Absolutely Fabulous.

8) On every single photo you had the worst red wine teeth known to man.

9) You spent a lot of the evening just eating cheese…

10) But you do have memories of walking into McDonald’s and trying starting a fight with the cashier.

11) But you also remember thinking that you might be in love with a cheeseburger.

12. You woke up with a mouth dryer than the Sahara but wine drunk you wasn’t kind enough to leave a glass of water next to you. 

13) You have messages from friends asking you if you managed to get the sick off of your shoes.

14) You have made the vow to only drink Wine at dinner now and definitely not a whole bottle in half an hour  a few hours. 

15) You’ve said more times than you can remember ‘ I know that 8th  2nd glass was a bad idea’.

Time to crack open the Merlot…

Love Robyn! 

16 thoughts on “15 signs you got wine drunk yesterday….”

  1. BAHAHAHAHAHA! I have NEVER been guilty of doing ANY of those things myself 😉 and I cannot possibly relate to ANY of the items on your list… xoxox M

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  2. Love it. All very apt, for red wine drunk. White drunk is the same except for enhanced sense of elitism and self-importance.


  3. That’s really funny. However, I’m going to have to write a companion post called “15 Signs you Butt-Chugged Wine at 10:00 Tuesday Morning.” It’ll be less of a comedic piece and more of a desperate cry for help. Number 7 (spoilers) is “had to mournfully scrub unidentifiable and graphic stains out of rug.”

    I’ve gone too far, I’ll see myself out.

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