15 situations where I wish Siri would ask ‘are you sure you want to do that?’…


If you have read this other blog post of mine ( If not: what are you bloody doing?? Get reading!) you will probably already be aware of my slightly obsessive addiction to technology and basically the now I’ve come up with a list of times it would be really great if Siri could tell me to stop doing something stupid…

1) When I go to the bank at 2am and drunk Robyn thinks it’s a really good idea to get 100€ out…Siri can’t you just stop me?! 

2) The same also applies when I’m cramming a double cheeseburger down my throat at 5 int morning.

3) When I take a picture of food and post it on Instagram.

4) When i torture myself by looking at a magazines only to end up feeling bad about myself. 

5) When I uncork the  second bottle of wine.

6) When I’ve uncorked the second bottle of wine and think it’s a great idea to post an excessively cheesy Facebook status.

7) Anytime I open WordPress write before I have to do something important or go to an appointment.

8) When you’re drangy (drunk + angry) and you just need to send that text.

9) When you reach for snooze for the 12th time because you need to get your arse out of bed. 

10) When you decide to start cleaning the apartment because it’s ‘just a little job’ even though you know you’ll be there for 2 hours.m

11) Whenever you go to ask an old person for directions…

12) When you decide to just ‘pop into’ Primark for a pair of socks because you know you’ll be there for hours. 

13) When you come up with the idea of getting a calorie counter app on your phone. 

14) The idea of going bikini shopping after binging all weekend on kebabs and chocolate.

15) Watching an emotional film when you’re already hungover and emotional.

Love Robyn!

4 thoughts on “15 situations where I wish Siri would ask ‘are you sure you want to do that?’…”

  1. Never mind Siri, have you seen that film called “Her” with Joaquin Phoenix and Scarlett Johansson? That made shivers run all down my spine with the possibility of it. Scary!


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