15 compliments that are definitely insults…


you know the ones I mean those little sentences that make you think ‘well that was defiantly an insult’…

1) ‘Well I could never be as selfish as you, it’s great you take so much time for yourself’

2) ‘I think only girls with big arms could get away with that…you know like you’

3) ‘This dinner is not bad to say it contains no organic asparagus *wrinkles nose*’

4) ‘Oh your hairs nice for a women of your age’

5) ‘You’ve got great teeth, they must have cost you a fortune!’

6) ‘That’s a great dress….but did they not have it in your size’ 

7) ‘Well Jane, I love this whole shabby chic thing you’ve got going on…oh no wait I just mean shabby’

8) ‘You don’t look a day over 35’ ‘thanks Susan, but I am actually only 31’

9) ‘ Well Jane I’ve got this lovely anti-ageing cream I think you’d like it…’ 

10) Going to buy a Mini but the sales man offers you a Volvo ‘to accommodate your needs more’.

11) ‘Well we can’t all have a degree and be intelligent…look at Jane she’s got-cough-um life skills ?’ 

12)’I mean seriously would ever wear that it’s just so ugly….*looks to see friend wearing the same thing* obviously with your stature you pull it off better’

13) ‘Well I would have always thought you would have been too short for a maxi dress…that it would look a bit tent like…but actually it looks okay…’ 

14) ‘ I wish I didn’t care about the way I look…you know like you Jane’

15) ‘Red just goes so well with your very yellow skin…..’

Sigh come on everybody lets just be nice to each other…well actually have you got any of your own to add to the list?

Love Robyn!!

15 thoughts on “15 compliments that are definitely insults…”

  1. Some of these are just straight up insults. “Yellow skin”? That might be jaundice and a sign of something wrong.
    “I just wish I was confident enough to pull of something like that in public. I’m just worried about my reputation.”
    “You made that? How sweet, you tried.”
    “You two make such a cute couple, it’s always nice when water finds its own level.”

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  2. Oh, the backhanded compliment. I have an American friend who married into an English family. While the family genuinely loves her, the father-in-law says stuff like, “Oh, Jennifer, if Brian had to marry an American, we are so glad he married you. You are so not like the rest of them.”


  3. thank goodness I’m not the only person who hears these kind of ‘compliments’. Why are women so nasty to each other?


  4. No doubt it took years of practice to cultivate such a… shall I say, such an… INTERESTING writing style.

    Hmm… That song of yours… yes it was certainly different. I’ll give you that!

    Well, I suppose I have never heard anyone play the guitar quite like you… Make of that what you will!

    This is definitely not what you will hear in a mainstream opera house, put it that way.


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