My commenters are funnier than me…


Hey wonderful people,

It’s that gorgeous time of the week again, I know you guys wait anxiously all week for this and for the wonderful brilliant prize of nothingness (sorry about that, in an ideal world I would send you all Jaffa cakes).

Two things:

1) I’m thinking of changing a few things about this blog feature, if you could do me a favour and read this and tell me what you think ( I was also thinking about asking people to tweet me to say HEY LADY LOOK AT MY COMMENT but not sure if that’s expecting a little too much).

2) A big thanks to all my commenters, you guys put me to shame.

The most ironic:

Sunday’s post was dedicated to sarcasm, or as I like to call it: the best thing in the world, but I couldn’t have expected something so ironic to happen. Thanks Nocturnalreflections for your wonderful artistic eye…

(by the way this was in response to my accidental picture post of a pug at the supermarket)

Too deep. Took me a while to understand the nuances and once I could grasp the meaning it just blew me away. Art at its finest. Keep it up.

And when Nocturnalreflection realised what had happened…

Okay so right after I commented that, I saw the post title saying ‘Signs that you’re too sarcastic for your own good’

The most honest:

A culinary disaster is a not always something to laugh at  but Tiptons did make me chuckle (not to laugh at your misery).

I’m absolutely American but I can claim 8, 14, & 15. However, I can make a mean Christmas puddingAND light it. The first Christmas we lit the pot of brandy in the kitchen on fire but the second Christmas we got it right. Both years the pudding was dee-lish.

The one I had to read a few times:

Karo of the ‘Stead, I’m still not entirely sure what this means, you’re just too clever for me…

#7 RIGHT NOW (and after EVERY possible blogger-tunity has begun, which, in my case, is typically a carefully-crafted cuisine, of course), due to spending 7 hours straight remembering that WordPress is a fabulous thing and that I should migrate my caffeine-coursing-crazily-though-my-bawdy-bloodstream caboose over to it from that archaic thing known only to some (these days) as “Blogger.” Relevant and rejuvenating read, miss Robyn!

The funniest: 

Haha thankyou Pufetic, this is great…

I used to think I was sarcastic until it was pointed out that, no, I was in fact just a bastard. There was nothing left to do but thank them for their invaluable insight

The Commenter I wanted to hi-5:

Yes I know these categories are getting more and more specific but I like it! And I also like this comment, you’re welcome on my blog anytime WifeMotherEventplanner!

How can you not make time for carbs??? I cannot compute that

The comment I like but didn’t know what category to put it in:

A cancer’s world I neeeeded to put this in, you’re a lady after my own heart:

Lol. I always jog/wine while eating ice cream and screaming “Don’t Eat Your Feelings!” It can be somewhat therapeutic. lol

The the most interesting:

But where are you going Jess?! You have to tell us!

Currently in a similar position, waiting for my Eurotunnel train to be called and then I won’t have wifi for three weeks! Not sure how I’ll cope…I might need to actually talk to people for once

Thanks as usual guys, till next week!

Love Robyn.

6 thoughts on “My commenters are funnier than me…”

  1. Oh come on, “comment I like but didn’t know what category to put it in”!?! You’re not even trying anymore. What happened to the halcyon days of yore when you actually carefully crafted your arbitrary categories?
    I too had to read and re-read the Karo comment and if I may translate, I think what she/he is trying to say is that a conversion from Blogger to WordPress is in order…I think.


    1. Stop bloody saying: halcyon days of yore. Idk what it means! Or is that your plan to get next weeks blumming I wasn’t sure what category to put in’! And aye it’s not bumming easy thinking of categories (when you’re sloshed on fizzy wine)


  2. Hi there! I just wanted to leave a comment to notify you that I have nominated you for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award, because I think your blog is absolutely amazing! You can take a look at my last blog to see what it is you have to do 🙂


    1. Thankyou Marywriteslife, sadly I find blog challenges a bit too hard for me to write with the shitty WordPress update. I’m very grateful though and want to say well don’t for getting nominated yourself! Xx

      Liked by 1 person

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