Hey guys! I need to ask you a question…

i had an idea, I just wanted to know what you guys thought…

So you guys know I do a weekly ‘best comments’ feature and I think it’s a pretty good idea to celebrate you guys, but I was thinking…would it be better if you guys got to vote for the best ones? 

I was think either:

1) You guys like your favourite comments and the ones with the most likes win? 


2) I pick 2/3 of the bests ones for each category and you guys vote in the comments? 

Let me know what you think….

(It’s okay to say if you think we should keep them the same!)

Also get being weird the weekly comment post will be up tomorrow!

Happy Sunday, 

Love Robyn xx

5 thoughts on “Hey guys! I need to ask you a question…”

  1. Yeah, I like No.2 too! That’s just because No.1 means we may actually have to READ something and quite a lot of it! I love reading, but in the same way that I like chocolates or pick-n-mix, where you go around, eating your favourite ones and leaving the ones that don’t look too tempting, like the brazil nut that may be just a brazil nut, or may have actually had chocolate on it once until someone else came along, licked it off and put it back. Not comparing your posts to that brazil nut though of course! More thinking of books, stories and the like, that I have found to be un-put-downable or even un-pick-upable over the years. Oh yeah, I like the idea of voting on your choices much better.


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