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10 things to do instead of checking your stats..


oh statsyou handsome things you! How I love your lovely little columns but how you break my heart sometimes 😦

I think we need some time apart…so here are 10 things I’ve been doing without you…

1) Drink excessive amounts of wine…sadly you don’t have hands, sorry mr column, this is a one lady sport!

2) Hurl insults at strangers because none of them make me feel as good as you.

3) Remember that stats are just little numbers they can’t hurt you…and then fall into a pool of tears.

4) Call someone up and force them to spend time with you. No matter how much they protest.

5) Repeat ‘don’t eat your feelings’ over and over again whilst eating ice cream from the tub….with your hands.

6) Look at old pictures of yourself, in the good old days before you had blogging woes…

7) Don’t forget to have very strong cups of tea, with sugar in it, in order to stop the shakes

8) If worst comes to worst get somebody to slap you in the face.

9) Read a book and but stop because the tears will smudge the letters.

10) Go jogging and by jogging I mean drink more wine.

love Robyn!

14 thoughts on “10 things to do instead of checking your stats..”

  1. I think there should be a support group for this — my stats page is an open tab on my browser and sucks me in repeatedly. Or maybe I should just program my computer to shock me if I click on it….


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