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Well loooky here, it’s the 7 best comments from last week!

okay well now it’s officially the worst day of the week….AGAIN *rolls eyes’ but here I am to inject a little happiness into this horrible, cold, ugly Monday morning but unveiling this weeks weird wonderful comments, so sit back and relax and see if it’s you this week..

The funniest:

I’m starting with a big one this week but this one really had me lol-into, honestly not even haut that half smile you do when you write Lol, a real belly laugh! BeanTowns Beatdown review of Magic Mike XXL will make your eyes water…

Magic Mike XXL 

Runtime 2hrs 10 min. 

Plot summary: The guy from 21 jump street has a furniture business but Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite isn’t covered by health insurance so Jenko decides to ride in an old ice cream truck to Myrtle Beach to strip. For some strange reason Michael from Kelly and Michael is buck-ass naked too. Then Effie Trinket from the hunger games is in charge of the big stripper show down and she’s a big bitch about letting the guy from 21 jump street and his friends dance, but Will Smiths wife saves the day. 

SpEcIaL eD’s review: Horrible. I was the only male in attendance the other four people in the theater were old women and every time they saw something remotely sexual got all excited.

The Most interesting point of view:

So my post on Magic Mike caused quite a stir last week(if you haven’t read it you can find it here). I really like The Very Special Blog’s take on things here, thanks for stopping by!

Both concepts suck, if we really want to break it down and think about it sociologically. If strippers were all healthy, happy people that just liked showing off their bodies for fun then that would be a different thing entirely. But we live in a world where the people who tend to be strippers tend to come from desperate and impoverished backgrounds, and they work in an industry where consumers objectify their bodies for their own gratification. The only reason why it works with men (and wouldn’t with women) is that is subverts the stereotypical stripper image. They’re all ridiculously handsome white men from America and since that’s the most privileged group of people in America, so to speak. It feels “better” to objectify them than it would to watch a movie that depicted strippers in a more realistic sense.

The most honest:

The contact lense wearing people came forward (once they had managed to find their lense stuck to the sink and given it a good wash) and rejoiced in each other’s shared misery of contacts, here Lilrants explained it perfectly:

#16 is me. I have to literally grope, fall over, bruise my face, insult my roommate, before the darned glasses show up. Holy Momma of Blind Bats.

The comment that makes me sad:

As you all may know I love myself a lazy Sunday, so it broke my heart when Fattymccupcakes told me this:

I wish my Sundays were more like yours. Sunday is my clean, grocery shop, and get ready for the week day. I wish I had a day where I could loaf around eating carbs, but I seem to never have time to fit it into my schedule. Boo.

The poor woman! And Look there’s another one! Poor Blake Standard:

While that sounds wonderful, I just can’t do it. There always seems to be blogs that need writing, food that needs cooking, and somewhere I have to run to and back. Love my Sundays!

The one that made me go ‘blurghk’

Okay when you write a post about contact lenses you have to expect a few gruesome tales but Luckyj007 took the biscuit this week:

When I wore contacts I probably said most of these! I even lost one in my eye, could not get it out, and the Dr. Couldn’t find it…six weeks later I was on the beach and my eyes watered because of the bright sun…out came the contact and it was was split almost in half!

The truthiest of truths:

When I read this comment from Pickelope, I had just had to nod and say yes because THIS JUST THIS!

Which is my motif in life: say something relevant, then completely undercut myself by saying something gross and wrong. I wonder what that is in Latin so I can add it to my family crest.  

Love Robyn!

12 thoughts on “Well loooky here, it’s the 7 best comments from last week!”

  1. I can’t pronounce blurghk…but it is probably very appropriate for a lost lenses, in fact , to me it is appropriate for having to wear glasses…I hate them, so losing a contact did not stop me from the continued use of them.😁 thanks for the mention😊

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