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How to do Sunday’s AND a weekly catch up (All in one post!) 


Sigh the best day of the week is finally here and I’m enjoying it with probably the worst hangover of my life. I’m not even joking. I think my face might be broken. 

This week was my boyfriends 21st which meant drinking until I was stupid and eating lots of cake (hurraaaah) and definitely inspired my post about the ‘9 types of people you find at a party’ but other than that I’m getting ready go HOOOOME.


Well before I reach the land of fish and chips and Primark,  poor little Robyn has to spend 10 terrible sunny days by the beach in Spain with her family drinking sangria and eating ice cream ……I know, your hearts are probably breaking….

So I guess this post is to say if I’m a little bit vacant on the blog, STAND BY ME I LOVE YOU DONT LEAVE IM STILL HERE. Hopefully I’ll still be posting daily so keep your eye out for posts DONT FORGET ABOUT ME. (I think I might have some abandonment issues)

Anyway I forgot to ask? How are you guys? Lovely weather we having…. Oh and don’t forgot the weird and wonderful blog comment competition will be up tomorrow(YOU STILL HAVE TIME TO BE WIERD)! 

Anyway as promised here’s my list on how to do Sundays:

1) Wear mainly pyjamas, a Jogging pant is allowed, as long as it’s still got gravy from last week on it…

2) Only eat food that is a) fatty b) salty and c) carby.

3) Dont let anybody convince you into doing sports. Nope. Not today.

4) Find somebody that loves you to make pancakes…this might include having to beg.

5) Refuse to watch anything mentally stimulating. If it’s not mindless drivel then you’re doing it wrong. 

6) Go to a car boot sale, nothing says Sunday like mooching around in the rain trying to buy old porcelain cats. 

7) Bring your duvet into the living room. Because obviously.

8) Don’t let anybody try and tell you that the rest of last nights pizza is not a healthy breakfast. You don’t need that negativity in your life.

9) Lay down on your belly and Instagram stalk everybody that you might have ever met ever. 

10) Don’t let anybody convince you in to being a grown up.

11) Remember that no Sunday is complete without fluffy socks. And a gallon of tea. 

12) Sit down with said fluffy socks and tea and go through all my posts that you’ve missed (there are more than a hundred on here!)….

Happy Sunday everybody! 

Love Robyn!

7 thoughts on “How to do Sunday’s AND a weekly catch up (All in one post!) ”

  1. I wish my Sundays were more like yours. Sunday is my clean, grocery shop, and get ready for the week day. I wish I had a day where I could loaf around eating carbs, but I seem to never have time to fit it into my schedule. Boo.


  2. I guess,I have the best way to spend the Sunday down pat.
    I literally didn’t get out of my jammies all day long.
    And ate deep fried stuff only.
    Didn’t even try to get out of my house.
    Had fabulous food. Ma prepared it, afterall. 😛
    Watched crappy bollywood movies. And nothing else.
    Had the duvet with me all day looong since it had been raining forever here and it’s damn cold now. *sighs*Why did I wish for a colder weather again?*grumbles*
    And behaved like a kid. I didn’t even let the thought of being 19 cross my mind once,no. Even when I was fighting with my brother for the last piece of our favorite chocolate. Or when I dusted the crumbs of strawberry pop corn in my damn lap like a retard.-.-
    So,yeah. I believe I am doing something right, afterall, if your post is anything to go by.

    Oopsie!Some comment huh?I almost wrote an essay there,describing a Sunday “well-spent”.:/

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  3. While that sounds wonderful, I just can’t do it. There always seems to be blogs that need writing, food that needs cooking, and somewhere I have to run to and back. Love my Sundays!

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