14 signs you’ve been besties for a long time…


It’s a bigger love story than twilight, a love so unbreakable…a love only 2 besties can share!

1) You text their mum more often than you text them.

2) You get invited to family events e.g weddings/birthdays etc because ‘you’re always hanging around anyway’.

3) You know so many secrets about each other you could probably destroy each other…

4) Knocking on the front door hasn’t happened in years.

5) Neither has worrying about seeming rude and looking in the fridge.

6) You’ve been through every stage together: cute nursery kids, annoying primary school age, even more awkward and annoying high school age, drinking….and you have the photos to prove it.

7) There is an unspoken rivalry between any ‘newbie friends’ that you think might be stepping on your toes. 

8) Half the clothes in your wardrobe are theirs.

9) You’re probably the one that mocks/teases/ likes Facebook posts from 2007 the most. 

10) Nobody can ever invite one of you without the other, that’s just WRONG.

11) You call their parents by their first name..

12) Any respective boyfriends or girlfriends have to make it through your test otherwise you WILL be having words.

13) You know about your best friends weird diet like she hates bananas but likes bananas with custard… 

14) The first ever taste of alcohol was probably a shared bottle of WKD that made you guys just so cool. 

Love Robyn!

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