Just to let you know…

if you really persevere enough with something sometimes you can get watch you want.

Or sometimes it can go in completely the wrong direction.

like now. one week of complaining about the weather and THIS is what happens:

image image

And guess when that happened! just as I was cycling home, hail stones as big as ice cubes….Right that’s it, no more complaining about the weather!

…okay probably can’t do that…

Love Robyn.

P.s don’t forget the comment challenge will be up later on today, you have a few more hours so get reading some old posts and leave me something weird and wonderful…if you’re not sure what to put read the first one ever here!

6 thoughts on “Just to let you know…”

  1. We had a similar situation. We put all the washing out to dry in the glorious sunshine only to come dashing out 5 minutes later to bring it back in twice as wet. However, by the time we reached it, naturally the rain had stopped (only to continue again once we had left). You just can’t win!


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