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Come on, let’s have a chat..

Happy Sunday everybody! The glorious day is here, we can all sit around in our pyjamas and spend a worryingly long time not speaking to human beings! Bliss!

If I said it had been ‘hot’ here in Germany that would be an understatement, I feel like I’m in a constant game of ‘don’t touch the Lava’! But I don’t need to tell you that I did not erm *cough* cope very well with it, this you probably got that from this post:


And you guys as always, seemed to have fun laughing at the poor old melting English girl (and reminding me that I probably shouldn’t visit: Arizona, Florida,Australia…the list goes on! But complaining about the weather is just part of social construct. It’s my right as an English person to start every conversation with ‘ooh it’s a bit ‘ot’ or ‘it’s bloody rainin’ int’it’, want to know more? Have a nosey at my post ‘signs you might possibly be English‘ you never know, it might surprise you!

But other than that it was a fairly normal week, work is halting to an end and my summer holiday is in sight. The only thing I’m not looking forward to packing, check this post out if you missed it and you’l see what I mean!

But yes packing is just part of the wonderful dance of life, even if I am terrible at it and can’t persuade my mum to fly over to Germany and help 😦

Although you guys usally are the reason I can’t get things done, you guys give me the option to sit and have a nosey threw all them funny and a bit weird comments you leave me, rather than do anything productive….well try to be productive…well think about being productive, well just read this blog post here and you’ll see what I mean.


So when I go on holiday having brought one flip flop and purple dressing gown it will be all your fault! Hopefully that won’t happen as I have been doing some shopping even though you guys all know how I feel about it  *insert angry emoji face’, if you haven’t go the memo about me and shopping read my first ever post ever, here!

Sigh I think it’s time for a huge Sunday morning breakfast now,

love Robyn.

3 thoughts on “Come on, let’s have a chat..”

  1. Talking about hot. (Is it STILL hot in Germany? It’s like bloomin’ autumn back over here)! Have you had a look at my latest post, ‘The British Weather’? Might give you a bit of a chuckle Robyn…maybe. I like the way you put links to other posts in some of your posts, I might have to start doing that. Unless you’ve copyrighted it of course. Happy (what’s left of) Sunday.


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