7 examples of fashion not working in summer


Unlinke this pug, I do not look this school or refreshed EVER in summer, nope nope. I look like an sweaty mess, usually due to the reasons on this list here. Which is why now I’m sat at home, complaining often about ‘ow ‘ot it is and cresting this list, just so we can all be miserable together! You’re welcome, now go get a wet paper towel, slap it on your forehead and read this…

1) The colour baby blue: shirts, shorts, dresses, whatever will all fall victim to the dreaded sweatwmark in that gorgeous baby blue colour. It might look like the perfect summer as tell, it’s nothing! After any kind of movement the pools of sweat will be clearly (and I mean clearly) visible!

2) Thighs, thighs just don’t work in summer. The threat of chub rub is an all too real thing, don’t even attempt to wear a dress without tights. Do not.

3) Wedges look like the perfect summer shoe, don’t be fooled! A sweaty swollen foot won’t even look twice at that beautiful beige beauty, save your money and spend it on beer!

w4) Hats, I love a good hat, I always think ‘ooh yeah a hat is just what I need on this dreadfully warm day’ and then 5 seconds later a pool of sweat will be forming over your brow and then shortly after into your poor unsuspecting eyes. Oh and also straw hats get squished.

5) Actually generally just feet, feet are generally terrible in this weather.

6) Anything backless or strapless, you spend more time pulling your top up and doing the weird dance than you actually spend enjoying the cool breeze…not that there is any cool breeze.

7) White clothes, ha white clothes seem so great and cool and wonderful! Wrong you will spill ketchup on yourself or sit in bird poo, that is just the way the world works my friend!

Sorry if that wasn’t a very male friendly list 😦 anyway going to go squeeze my swollen clown feet into some shoes now and brave the sunshine! By the way if you’ve got any of your own let me know!

love Robyn!

14 thoughts on “7 examples of fashion not working in summer”

  1. Bikinis are fun for tanning… until you accidentally yank your own tit out in front of a pool full of families whilst trying to pull on your cover up so you can run to the loo. Yes, that actually happened to me last weekend.

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  2. I ran across the stupidest pug last night… I was walking down the street when this fat little pug came waddling towards me and making sounds like… Well, it sounded like a dog trying to whistle. It stopped right in front of me, and when I stepped back, it just kept going, it hadn’t tried to go around me. Also, there’s that awkward moment where you tell a story in the WordPress comments and no one is listening…

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  3. I Can see that you ladies have a problem in summer, but please consider us guys – I argue we have it harder because we find it hard to keep cool:
    1) We could join some of out other fellow guys wearing short and socks pulled right up – but really?!?
    2) Guys just don’t do bare tummy’s. Enough said.
    3) We could wear clothes with a plunging back, I’m sure you’re you’ll not want to stare at my hairy back in the queue or something though.
    4) Sandals are an issue, you can’t wear socks with them, but you really don’t want to see my toes.

    For these reasons we’re stuck with jeans an t-shirt, if we’re lucky. I often envy you ladies and your clothing choices over summer, it might have issues, but you can wear nearly anything and look good.
    Thanks for the post Robyn, always appreciate it and I hope you weren’t too bashed in your storm 🙂


    1. Ahaha but by having less options men immediately have less options and men do bare bellies all the time! You’re welcome, and yep I made it through, back to the glorious sunshine again!


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