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You brilliant people you! Here are 7 great comments from last week!

Well looky here it’s that time of the week again! Brilliant comment time, you guys have been doing your weirdly wonderful thing all week and you deserve some recognition! So without further ado here are the best comments of last week!

The most honest: 

You guys tell me way too much about your lives but I absolutely love it! Silence killed the dinosaurs took the top spot today and made me do a big belly laugh at the same time.. (Btw no. 5 on my 13 most embarrassing things ever lost is when you realise right at the end of the day you’ve been walking around with your top on inside out)

It is ridiculous how often I manage no. 5 Sometimes I go for months without it happening and I start to think that maybe, just maybe, I’ve finally mastered the art of putting on clothes. But then I get to the end of a nice birthday dinner at a posh restaurant only to discover that my dress has been inside out the entire time and I’m forced to accept that I really cannot human properly.

The most interesting:

You guys are a very interesting bunch  and to be honest I wade through your comments thinking ‘wow you guys are a bit bloody clever’ and this weeks most interesting one is from the brilliant Aviets, who left such a brilliant comment on my  ‘is girly a compliment?’, she was a late entry but she snagged the prize! 

You pose a really interesting question. I think I would shy away from telling a girl she’s “girly” or “not girly” becuase I think it’s important for kids to decide on their own identity. But I can see myself using the term to desccribe a girl, as long as she didn’t hear me.
It reminds me of a conversation I had in a group setting recently, about leadership. The question was posed “how do we decide who would be a good leader?” A person who had already declared herself to be a teacher offered that sometimes you can tell who would be a good leader – for example, the girl on the playground who gets a game organized and creates teams – the one who tells everyone what to do. I know enough about leadership (and about kids and classrooms) to know that this type of behavior does NOT necessarily make you a good leader, so I replied explained my thinking and said, “maybe that girl is just bossy, and bossiness is not leadership. There are a lot of other qualities to look for.” Well, this teacher became very defensive and upset with me because of the whole “women and bossiness” thing (which I do get). But I stood by my comment. Cuz hey, boys can be bossy, too, and I don’t find it any more attractive in boys than in girls. I guess I just shouldn’t have used the word “bossy,” because it’s a trigger for a lot of women.

The sweetest:

This blogger stops by my blog all the time and leaves me lots of wonderful little comments, for general loveliness and dedication Waffle me this gets the award today! 

A big Yorkshire Hug heading your way Robyn😊😊

The wierdest:

This one will make you do that kind of squinty face that you only do when you’re thinking ‘did I just imagine that?’. Thank you Kia-free spirit babe for this weeks wierdest comment, I’ve highlighted the wierd bit…I love how factual this is.

Hah! Stage four. That was definitely me earlier this week and also how I discovered there is an outdoor cat video festival in my area in August.

The best Jaffa cake related post:

Okay after the uproar that Jaffa cakes  caused on my blog this week, I absolutely could not miss the opportunity to include this award! By the way if you still don’t know what a Jaffa cake is, Gilbo has summed it up nicely in this comment, Gilbo I would just like to say you are brilliant:

I’m sorry, it’s me again. I was just reading your ‘pingback’ about Jaffa Cakes & now I’ve read this post. I just don’t like the (Wikipedia) description above. It’s missing something somehow, like it’s not descriptive enough. Or like saying Princess Diana was a nice woman. To the uninitiated, Jaffa cakes are to die for. I would describe them as the base being like a foam mattress, only soft, moist sponge instead of foam. Laying upon this mattress base is a piece of the most heaven like & intensely orange flavoured, jelly-sort of…thing. These two separate delights are then held together, by being bound in a rich, dark chocolate coating that tastes divine & completes the heavenly taste trinity. I love the orange jelly bit so much, that I usually break the chocolate off first, to reveal the orange sliver, lying alone atop it’s sponge bed. I then pull it away from it’s comfortable resting place & eat the spongey bit next, leaving the jelly part for last, which I devour like a starving werewolf, who’s waited too long for a full moon. Ooer! I’m sorry, I appear to have been carried away! It’s probably because I’m diabetic now & can only have Jaffa Cakes very occasionally. Sigh. I think America needs Jaffa Cakes though. The United States would be a much happier place with them, than without them I’m sure.

The most inspiring:

I always love a new commenter, you guys are the, thanks Inari for stopping by and leaving me this little gem on my ‘what’s the way post‘…

I just stopped by your blog and love your writing style, see… I always ask those questions too (does anyone actually care that I’m waiting for paint to dry?) I guess they do, so I’m going to carry on reading some more of your posts as I think they are great (now I’m jealous of yours) anyway, have a great evening :

The funniest:

This is probably always the hardest category because there are just so many good ones, ACoupleTalks gets the award this week for her advice on a sneaky way for a man to get parking spots…

It’s called pretend you’re an expecting mother. No one will dare build up the courage to question a man for the fear they may insult you because you’re a woman who looks like a man.

And that concludes today’s awards, have a great day and keep being wierd and wonderful!

Love Robyn.

13 thoughts on “You brilliant people you! Here are 7 great comments from last week!”

  1. Damn, I thought I really made a run for a repeat award. I guess drinking and commenting isn’t working anymore, I’ll have to move up to crack. Whoa, that’s a little extreme. Maybe I’ll start with meth. Yeah, that’s more reasonable.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I’m not sure what kind of reputation my blog has on the internet but I would like to say (not for the first) I never have and don’t recommend drug use in order to be able to think of comments to leave on my blog…COME ON GUYS THATS JUST CHEATING


  2. ‘Best Jaffa cake related post’. (Stands nervously on stage, while stroking & fondling award). Well, I’d just like to thank you Robyn for giving me this amazing award & my producers for just believing in me, the writers, (oh that’s me), & well, everyone who bullied me at school… er (music starts playing & increasing in volume), the er, people sitting at the back chewing gum er, (talking faster now), oh & of course my mother, for introducing me to this loveably darkly chocolate & spongily orange er, treat. Thank you, thank you. (Bows, waves & exits stage left).


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