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Blog catch up: All the posts you missed…

Hello there,

It’s Sunday, which I believe is easily the best day of the week because usually it just means lounging around in pyjamas and forgetting about responsibilities. Ahh bliss.

Anyway this weeks weekly catch up will focus on some old posts, the ones that hide in the back and that you might have forgotten to read. So as usual the protocol is sit down with a cup of tea and a big slice of cake and have a little read…

1)  Are you one of those people that feel eternally cold? When everybody is sweating, complaining and red in the face, you’re the one sat there probably in a scarf? Then read my: Things only eternally cold people understand!


2) Summer is fast approaching and you might be one of those people embarking on a diet, here’s my 7 stages to a detox.

3) Think this picture is funny? But know who the character is? Read my post on why Liz Lemon has perfectly described your life and you will laugh your bazongas off. 


4) Want an article to sink your teeth into? Then hear what I have to say about this Vogue cover


5) Completely and utterly amazed by technology? does it blow your mind just a little bit? Then you will definitely like my post ‘Things that can now happen because of the Internet‘.

6) Going to a festival soon? Want to know why I’m a grumpy old person that hates festivals? Then read here!

7) Fancy taking a holiday in England? Well why not read my post about where I’m from in England and you might even find your next holiday destination!


Hope this helps get your Sunday off to a grand start,

Love Robyn!

P.s don’t forget that the ‘best comments of the week‘ award is tomorrow! 

2 thoughts on “Blog catch up: All the posts you missed…”

  1. Ayy oop! What a grayt ahdear, a list o’ lists! Oh I’m sorry. I’m from Yorkshire too. No I’m not sorry I’m from Yorkshire, I’m reet proud o’ that. I’m joost… Oh sod it! I think it’s a very clever idea to list your best lists, in a list! That way, if someone has missed summat, er something, then they can catch up through this…list. I nearly commented on your ‘Vogue’ cover list too, but thought better of it, as I’m a man. Oh but…chips wi’ gravy, that ha’ bin fried in drippin’ by ‘eck, that tearks me reet back ‘ome that does. Oops! I live in Norfolk now. Yes.


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