Are you a scaredy cat?? Here are…


It doesn’t matter if you’re 8 or 80, something’s will be eternally scary…

1) The washing machine in the cellar- this is where my washing machine lives and me and the other half have a bet going on to decide who goes down into the creepy spidery cellar.

2) The can of chickpeas at the back of the fridge that might be starting a colony  in there, not typically scary, but do YOU want to be the one to get rid of them?

3) Clowns, we’ve all seen enough creepy clowns in horror films and American TV shows to know not to trust those creepy sons of…

4) To still panic that you got on the wrong bus and you’re going in completely the wrong direction and ARGH IDK WHAT TO DO. 

5) That you left the door open when you went out, you could check this 50 billion times and still have that uneasy feeling in the pit of your stomach. 

6) Being the only person on a bus and thinking that you might be in a zombie apocalypse.

7) Speaking in front of other people, even though you don’t have a tooth missing and you can say all the words perfectly now you still feel like a 7 year old when you have to stand up and speak. 

8) Any bugs with more than four legs. Wait scrap that any bugs with legs. All of them. 

9) That the one time your the last person in the changing room at the gym or when you go to the toilet when the restaurant is shutting, that they will forget you there and you’ll have to stay there ALL night by yourself. 

10)  To be too scared to go back to sleep and make someone stay up and talk to you until everything is gunna be okaaaaaay.

11) Volde- I mean he who should not be named, I don’t need to say more. 

12) Crossing the road, no matter how much practise you’ve had without the green and red men, you’re not very good. 

Love Robyn.

28 thoughts on “Are you a scaredy cat?? Here are…”

  1. I don’t understand the concept of clowns. They’re supposed to be entertaining, but they look creepy as all hell. I think for buses the only problem is not balancing and falling on somebody!

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      1. Time to prepare. Start watching zombie movies and sharpen a lot of sticks so you can stab them in the head. (I think about this way too much. I even have a zombie apocalypse-slash-emergency bag.)


  2. #5 Hahah.. True that! I NEED TO check all the door locks PERSONALLY (at least 2,32,38,434 times) before I go to my bed (with a thought that, ‘Did I check the front door’s latch properly? Oh no. Gotta go check it all over again!!’ :P) It’s an hell of a GREAT exercise before I actually sleep.

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