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The 7 stages to writing a blog post…


Stage 1: Right all I have to do is think about an idea…that really can’t be too hard, I’ve thought of hundreds before. What about….no…or maybe….no that won’t work either. Argh come in brain!

Stage 2: Only half an hour has passed with me writing a single word down, that’s all, absolutely no problem….blurggk.

Stage 3: Okay maybe if I google funny pictures, I’ll get some ideas *wastes an hour of life*  

Stage 4: Okay well now I’ve saved 500 pictures of cats dressed in tutus the real work can begin *types title*.

Stage 5: How do I start? Is ‘hey’ trying to be too cool, what about a quick ‘hi’? Nope everything I write sounds cheesy, sigh sigh sigh. 

Stage 6: Okay just type, jut type the thinking juicing will start flowing….oh yeah look at that you’re already on point number 3!

Stage 7: Ah voila, finished, completed, absolutely done! *reads through it* well that is either the worst or second to worst thing I’ve ever put on the internet ever! Oh well, just close the computer and back away s-l-o-w-l-y.

Love Robyn  




16 thoughts on “The 7 stages to writing a blog post…”

  1. My writing process: 1) Stare at computer. 2) Try to get angry about something. 3) Try to make that funny somehow and end up deleting everything. 4) Rent an organ grinder’s monkey. 5) Get the monkey drunk on tequila. 6) Get myself drunk on tequila. 7) Wake up, try in vain to find the monkey only to see that a post has somehow been written.

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