8 superpowers I wish I had


Before any of you make any jokes about me being calling Robyn so obviously I must be Batmans right hand man, stop, okay, I’ve been to primary school, heard ’em alllll.

Haha so you may have read my post about apps I wish had already been invented, in a similar kind of vein, here are 8, probably unconventional superpowers which would just be bloody marvellous…

1) The ability to predict how late your bus is going to be so you know if you have to walk to the the next stop without having to run back seconds later. 

2) The superpower to cook dinner and do five billion other things at the same time without your onions burning.

3) The ability to blink and all these hidden blog post ideas that fight the evil of writers block  are seen before your very eyes. 

4) To be able to charge electrical items with your touch.

5) The ability to ward off evil in the form of calories, muahah be gone you evil little creatures!

6) Be able to transport yourself to that time and buy that dress that you were ‘umming’ and ‘ahhhing’ about and actually buy it (without changing the course of time that is).

7) The ability to see into someone’s soul and see if you added them on Facebook they would be annoying that annoying person that posts baby pictures all the time.

8) The power to answer one question once and everybody hear rather than having to explain it to 150000 people.

Got any of your own? Tell me!

Love Robyn.

32 thoughts on “8 superpowers I wish I had”

  1. Those are awesome. I want 1)happiness, 2)blink travel, 3)”uninterrupted prosperity,” (Cake lyrics) 4)wisdom, and 5)concentration. or how about the abilities to 6) understand how I fit into the world and 7) the motivation and knowledge of how to make a profit from that understanding? Oh and also 8) the ability to read the mind of the person I’m talking to or thinking about, and stop reading, at will. Or just my wife’s mind.


  2. For number 5, does that mean if I resist murdering someone, I lose 100 calories? Or is it more of a situation where, if I actively don’t become a glutton, I automatically lose weight like double the weight loss!?! Or, do I actually have to, say, punch–just for example not that he is, but just for example–Sepp Blatter right in his gin blossoms, a dozen cottage cheese divots magically disappear? Oh, wait, you mean ward off evil and that evil is a calorie. Dammit, I wish I would have known that before I wrote all this. If only I knew how to edit!
    As far as actual superpowers, I’ve met people, not me, but I’ve met people who can sneeze and not fart at the same time in public. Amazing. Miracles walk amongst us.


  3. Lol! I love this question and all of the responses including yours. I can tell they are all derived from pet peeves. Mine then would be the ability to replace all bathroom stalls with a fresh roll of toilet paper, placed in the right direction, with a snap of a finger.

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  4. 1. the power to think of an extremely clever, witty, put-down remark at the time in response to some arsehole instead of 24 hours later when I’m in the shower

    2. the power to turn water into wine 😆

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  5. The power to instantly banish a student who stares at me blankly while I give out directions, and when I’m done raises his hand to ask a question which requires me to repeat everything I’ve just said.

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