The cream of the crop of last weeks comments!

Genuinely wrote this title hearing a big brass band and a voice over fit for the Grammy’s but now I’ve sunk back to reality,I realise it’s just that time of the week where i collect all your weird and wonderful comments that have been scattered all over my blog for the past week! Gosh what a time to be alive aye?

(By the way there are actually only 6 comments this week) 

The funniest: 

I was almost a bit annoyed that I didn’t think of these myself on my ‘things you don’t want to hear at a wedding’ but Pickelope did, so he gets the funniest comment award!

“As the father of the groom, I’m just glad the bride is not concerned with penis size.”
“I give it two years. I now declare you husband and wife.”
“Who knows, maybe this time it’ll take.”
“Now for the traditional battle of the fathers. Remove your shirts, there’s a knife in the middle of the ring, good luck to the two of you.”
“The doors are locked. No one is going anywhere until we collectively execute the PERFECT chicken dance!”
“This is a dry wedding.”

The most interesting:

This weeks goes out to a former long distance child Duncanr explaining his time living in Canada on my long distance daughter post:

ah, ‘care package’ – that takes me back
I lived in Canada for a few years – this was way before the internet !
I sent my folks a card to tell them I’d moved from Calgary to a sleepy, one-horse, one street type of place in Nova Scotia
might have exaggerated the contrast between bustling big city Calgary and my new abode for comic effect
what I didn’t expect was they’d take me seriously – but about 6 weeks later, a slow boat sailed across the Atlantic from Scotland to Nova Scotia carrying with it a parcel from my folks containing things they thought I might not be able to get in Nova Scotia, like coffee, tea-bags, dried skimmed milk, tins of beans, and soup, a tin of frey bentos steak & kidney pie (I was a vegetarian), and a couple of toilet rolls
my dad (bless him) put a bottle of malt whisky in the parcel but this was removed by customs officials (bastards) and never seen again – well not by me, anyway !

The sweetest:

This one made me do a little ‘na’www’ kind of face, from the very kind Shei:

hey Robyn. thanks for making me laugh this past week with your hilarious and relatable posts! i thought only Pinterest could do that but you proved me wrong girl!

The weirdest/ the best one about wine: 

We all know about my secret love of wine and I love any kind of rhyme to do with it, thanks Charissagrace for this one!

Ohhh Robyn…the evening glories of fizzy-wine!! The morning stories I tell myself to avoid its lustrous shine…
and then the evening comes again…

The person who most thinks they might be me:

So probably the weirdest award today, but it is genuinely suprising how many people comment wondering if I’m possibly a) their long lost sister or b) them in a parallel universe, this weeks goes to b.seeley!

I am pretty positive we are living the same life…except I don’t cycle. moving in general is hard for me. because I’m lazy.

The most honest:

Haha this one gets the most honest because it’s Runwright being totally honest about being a terribly lazy writers, I love it:

I have kept on my pajamas until I felt ready to face the day – when the sun was setting again, I realized it was no longer necessary and I just relaxed until the next day.

And that’s the end of the comments for this week, no go forth and be weird and make you’ll be on here next week.

Love Robyn.

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